5,000 Elo Chess Trick

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  1. Damn, you got me with the word ELO in the name of the video

  2. Saying someone is malfunctioning is deadly hilarious

  3. Damn can’t believe I have done this technique before it got a video. I was 3 pawns and a knight down in the endgame but I was able to convert it simply by running my king to try to deliver checkmate. It didn’t end with a rook and king checkmate but hey I converted a pawn into a queen.

  4. FREE CHESS ELO in just 5 minutes!!! (WORKING 2023)

  5. 9.3/10 stare very good but not perfect but quite close

  6. When i blunder i make this strategy hoping for a stalemate by accident

  7. TL;DW
    If you are rated low and you are losing the game very badly just start moving the king upwards

  8. Eye contact 9/10 length 8/10 posture 5/10 overall very good

  9. When I stare into your eyes for roughly 2 seconds at the beginning of this video I see an even richer universe than that of your hoodie.

  10. tried this and now my weiner is stuck in a toaster

  11. Levy I’m sure you heard this thousands of times but thank you for your content. I’ve always been mildly interested in chess but your narration made the pieces of the board come to life. I hope you stick around for many years to come. I hope you’re doing well

  12. Nice featuring the game from the video from yesterday!

  13. Why i would listen to someone thats not a GM ?

  14. This is a great advice. thank you for teaching us 😉

  15. Hii Gotham Chess
    I am the first one here🎉
    I wanted to thank you a lot:
    I have started chess on new year 2023 after watching one of your videos.
    Now, in less than 2 month i am 1000 rated and i am qualified to the finals in a chess tournement in my school.
    I dont know how to thank you enough for teaching me one of the best game of all time that is chess❤️❤️
    i wish you the best in life❤️❤️.
    Hope you sees this😉

  16. No one has completed the video at this point xd
    11 minutes left

  17. Levy I think of all the people that need this it is definitely you because you have such a low elo.

  18. another clickbait? and i have fallen for it another time. shame on me

  19. NO, now like 4 million people would know my technique! lol

  20. Wait, so are we following the story of Bob, or Sean? I'm confused.

  21. Secret ELO trick:
    Sign up for lichess

    Thanks for coming to my ted talk

  22. begging on knees for guess the elo occasion 915

  23. Today's stare was very short and it had very little feeling to it. I'm gonna give it a 3.5/10

  24. Hey Levy, why aren't you playing in the Pro Chess League? Also, how do you draw arrows in different colors?

  25. totaly not gonna be abusing this to flex to my classmates

  26. Your thumbnails remind me of those clickbait Fortnite videos from 2017. If I made your thumbnails, you’d be a gm

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