5,000 Elo Chess Trick

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  1. Stare was solid, not that long but still enough to grab a person's attention. Solid 9.89/10

  2. Hi Levy. Crazy examples, great to watch. Pretty hard to believe +1600 rated players do these kind of mistakes. It really happens!

  3. I'm not super bad at chess, but I lose a lot of games and still have fun. Friend of mine showed me your videos and I find myself watching quite a bit. Won 3 games today, 2 of which, I was able to see wins that my opponents should have gotten tbh. I know I wouldn't stand a chance against a grand master but I'm honestly curious, how long I would last in a game against one lol.

  4. Just get better at the game and youll win more

  5. My prediction before watching this…..the London?

  6. funny thing is this strategy will probably work on Levy the best

  7. I wonder how many bongcloud games this will inspire. I blundered my bishop on move 1, all is lost, I'm running my king like levy told me to

  8. Okay but stalling is the most pussy boring shit I've ever seen.

  9. How come 16-1700 do that i mean i just can't

  10. I just used this strat against someone who forked my king and rook and they blundered their queen and I won. Thanks levy.

  11. Day 2: 3 minute game & 900 ELO I had 2 Brilliant moves, I had Checkmate in 1, My opponent had a checkmate in 1, I sacked rook to win the game(I didn’t win because of the sack, but any 1200+ would have seen it) I won from a rook & Knight checkmate

  12. Easy hack:
    Step 1: blunder everything
    Step 2: profit

  13. I do this to an extent. The whole idea of trying to save the game, whilst my opponent has the audacity to say "just resign, noob"

  14. Secret so secret that 50k people know about it in one hour

  15. Stop making content about chess and instead do it over an actual hobby, nerd

  16. Thanks to the video my opponent brought his king to 3rd rank in 10 moves into the game.

  17. If I start playing and all my opponents start running their king and mating me, I am going to be mad at you

  18. That’s soooo funny I played a game 10 min before this and I ran the king over to mate him

  19. When Gotham is jealous of chess, the result is like this 🤬😂

  20. "You're telling me a 1600 rated player hung a piece on move 6?", sounds familiar

  21. What if I'm evaluating my king walk as more loosing than staying solid?

  22. This game will make you cringe (p.s. I was white) 1. e4 g62. c3 f63. f3 c64. d3 d55. e3 g76. e2 g47. h3 xf38. gxf3 O-O ☒9. O-O-O e6 ☒10. g2 b5 ☒11. c5 e812. h4 b4 ☒13. xb4 b614. e3 xb415. a3 a516. d4 xe417. a4 c5 ☒18. fxe4 xc319. bxc3 xc320. exd5 exd521. b3 f622. c3 xf2 ☒23. d2 e2 ☒24. he1 xd2+25. xd2 c826. h3 f527. h5 d7 ☒28. hxg6 hxg629. e7 c730. de1 g531. xf5 f832. xd7 ☒ h833. h1+ g834. e6+ f735. xf7+ f836. xc7 g737. g1 f638. xa7 f539. a6 f440. xc6 g441. h5 g342. c5 d443. xg3 ☒ xg344. a4 f245. a5 g146. a6 g247. a7 g348. a8= f449. e4+ ☒ g350. g4+ f251. e5 f152. f4+ ☒ g253. g5+ h154. e8 ☒

  23. The only channel where i turn my adblocker off

  24. Basically be better than your opponent to win…

  25. This reminds me of that one That's 70s Show when Eric is in trouble with Donna and Red advises him to go full offensive as a shock tactic lol

  26. Thank You Levi for making this video now every game people will meaninglessly run the king when they don't need to and will give me extra rating
    After you made the video with the easy queen and bishop checkmate every other game my opponents play the same opening and blunder the queen someway

  27. Thank you master. I will create a card in Anki for this.

  28. Joseph Joestar's secret technique, Gotham, could it be possible that you are a Joestar yourself???

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