I Played Magnus Carlsen

I played against Magnus Carlsen (current world chess champion) at the Retiro Park in Madrid, Spain! This was the game, hope you enjoy 🙂

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0:00-0:21 Intro
0:21-6:34 Game against Magnus

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  1. she could win with a mate if she moved her horse and rock. she didnt see that.

  2. Fucking awesome, congratulations!

  3. Woman suck at chess compared to man.
    Just look at the statistics.

  4. 4:27 doesn’t KE2 (check) then KC8 (takes rooke) then rook on C1 takes bishop work or I’m just level 500??

  5. 4:03 can someone explain why she didn’t go knight E2 to fork the king and rook? I’m low elo but I’m starring at it while she’s taking all this time.

  6. Show some cleavage you'll gain and advantage

  7. A arrogant man, and a very good Chess player.
    This is a incredible combination.

  8. Bruh they played so fast that I didn’t even see who won

  9. Would he have security with him or is he just sitting there with some friends ?
    Does anyone know ?

  10. 3:50 knight E2 would have been a very nice fork and would be a winning move

  11. Magnus has some insane unspoken rizz you could see him working her

  12. That guy has the potential to become a world chess champion

  13. You are very good Chess Player! So quick! I was 2 times local Chess Champion but not so quick! How call this opening (French, Sizilianisch, Russisch etc.)?

  14. chess beginner here : just wanted to ask why she didnt fork the king and rook on d2 with her knight

  15. How long did it take for your skin to start crawling?

  16. 3:11 I guess there is a fork at knight e2. Why didn't she see?

  17. Idk who this guy is, but he’s pretty good. He should try playing in professional level.

  18. when you guys rook traded you shoulda moved the knight to e2 for a discovery attack + fork

  19. 4:02 wasn't forking the king and the rook with the knight was a good move there knight e2

  20. If I am not mistaken, in the minute 3:00 she had a beautiful fork to take the root.

  21. I love how popular chess has become in the mainstream. It's great to see so many amazing players.

  22. 4:23 she couldve played Knight to e2 to fork the bishop and rook. so magnus has to take the knight with the rook THEN she couldve played rook to c1 check

  23. Magnus teaching him chess. The girl teaches him different positions. 🔥

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