7 BEST Queen Sacrifices In Chess History!

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7 Queen Sacrifices by Magnus Carlsen, Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Mikhail Tal, Nezhmetdinov, Vassily Ivanchuk and Hikaru Nakamura.

0:00 Intro
0:28 Mikhail Tal
4:24 Nezhmetdinov
8:35 Vassily Ivanchuk
12:04 Hikaru Nakamura
14:42 Bobby Fischer
18:28 Kasparov
22:22 Magnus Carlsen

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  1. I was playing someone and I set a queen sacrifice trap. He captured it and I was like, "HAHAHAHAHA." Then my trap didn't work and I was down 14 in material had no things on center and only had a knight and two bishops devolped… IN ENDGAME :/

  2. 15:00 he actually read that in an old Soviet chess book apparently lol

  3. thanks for this instrctive vid. but i thinkbyou missed the immortal Gusev Q sac which was already confirmed by deep compuyer analysis to be correct. Google gusev Q sacrifice. It as positional and long term like Nezhmetdinov, but was clearly confirmed by Lc0 to be correct and a forced win,

  4. me: i can sacrifice my queen too and then my king

  5. I made a queen sacrifice in a tournament once , my opponent was a 11-12 year old 1300+ he just jumped with joy first as apparently I got the bishop pair for the queen but I knew I would get the rook too .. so after a while he was like draw , draw lol I told him if you offer draw once more I will call the arbiter 😛😛😛😛

  6. Alternate title
    7 variations of "Oh No My Queen"

  7. please call it a knight and not a horse … 😀

  8. "In some rare cases double digits [rating]. Joking, that's not possible – as far as I know."
    I finallyfound a challenge I might be able to beat!

  9. Trade offer: I give you: one queen. I recieve: one checkmate.

  10. Sonehow i was waiting supi's sac vs magnus at the end

  11. Buy the book "Damenopfer" a whole book about Queen sacrifices !

  12. No one:

    Everyone: Knight

    Gotham: Horse

    Me: Cringe

  13. 4:04
    G5+, Kh5, Bg4+, Kh6, Rf6#
    Causes the opponent to have to sacrafice the queen to get rid of the bishop (if you take the rook Nxf3 is mate) or the bishop for g6 (you can't play the same moves as black just take with h7 because if this happens after Bg4+ white has Kg6, which was taken by h7 before and if you move your rook white just takes) (playing Nxg6 won't work because Bg4+ is no longer gaurded by the knight)
    I am rated 600 so very high chance I'm wrong, but I think I'm decent at puzzles when I actually go down the lines

  14. No Supi's queen sacrifice mate against Carlsen? =(

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