Magnus Carlsen Crushing GMs With The London

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  1. 2:13 im 800 and my every game is this exact opening and i find a way to throw it every single time

  2. dude i raised both hands and got so locked in cause i saw MAGNUS CARLSEN playing the same moves i do and i need to figure out and learn how to play the london better as it was my first opening i learn at like 400 and am now rated 700 thanks to having the london in my pocket SO IM LOCKED IN TO THIS VIDEO BRO AND KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK

  3. You butcherd Salem Salih name pronunciation 😂😅

  4. This is one of the best Gotham videos – educational and hilarious

  5. "Magnus Carlsen knocking on the door at 2:00am"

  6. Hi Levy, not sure if you see this but what about doing a series on GMs playing openings that you've taught us (ex Caruana and the Petrov/Firouzja and the Caro). Just a thought, great video by the way, looking forward to when you reach four mill.

  7. If a course is always 50% off is it really 50% off

  8. Magnus is like those clever kids in school that do not study for a test and still gets 100%, just that we actually like Magnus but everyone hates those kids

  9. Love the London and all variations.. I learned it by watching you.. also I just had Three of my friends subscribe..

  10. so has he moved again to a bigger apartment or just swapped the room layout ??

  11. Everytime i play the london i get forked😭

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