9-Year-Old Boy Defeats A Professional Chess Streamer

Kids these days are really good at chess… Andrea experienced it herself at the London chess shop. Drop a like and tell us in the comments if you have ever lost to an opponent as young as the boy in the video!
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  1. Wish I could see the board. Neva mind I see it lol

  2. I really hate ppl who talk during chess game like shut up , i mean as viewer

  3. Inspiring now that I see your score ruined as well as mine.

  4. you know its one move wrong and then its coming – just the worst of us 😀

  5. How is Andrea Botez rated 2000??? I could destroy her

  6. How Re you maintaining pressure during loss ?

  7. The guy next to her looks like a young John Oliver

  8. Andrea : I usually talk a lot

    After kid got hers queen

    No talking at all 😂💔

  9. Had the talk worked and focused, it would have won 😂

  10. if this girl had as much talent as the extent of her ego and her pretension, she might have won.

    she talks too much too, it's annoying and boring, especially since she talks and presents herself as a high level player when in reality her games are very bad

  11. Professional Chess “STREAMER”??? What the hell is that credentials lol

  12. Professional Chess Streamer????? lol what a joke

  13. i love the smiling guy behind 😀 hes enjoying the game and both talks + he seems to be so entertained, more ppl like him pls

  14. Do Women talk too much and can it be detrimental?
    When playing wee boys at chess, apparently so.
    Gaun yersel Wee fella.

  15. Why play the accelerated dragón ir You hace no idea ? White playera the opening poorly andBotez nota only diet nota punished hum but Aldo fail to Game the black squares Bishops dicho shows her complete ignorance of the the básico strategies of the opening

  16. Shut up for once and just play woman…😡

  17. How about talk to him??? Hes 9. He has a voice. Your ego is disgusting.

  18. I didn't know that both sisters played the Botez gambit.

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