AWFUL 600 Elo Chess

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  1. Not sure how white starts giving random checks and then decides to stop giving checks. You’d think he would accidentally push that rook to h8.

  2. This was a crazy stare I'm scared

    10/10 would recommend.

  3. wow levys techings are so out of this world being down a pawn is better than being mated this information is so eye opening like magnus who levy is the best player

  4. all i could think about was QxR check, KxQ, then Nxe6 forking king and rook and you never mentioned it 😔

  5. the openings are almost always like this at 600, people start blundering in the mid game cause we got 0 board vision

  6. I think white just started teasing black and just managed to lose at the end

  7. White plays like he's in an RPG and his 1000 elo moves are on a cooldown

  8. Sagar got the record for most missed mates

  9. I’m just waiting to see my name randomly pop up in one of these video 😂

  10. what i noticed is how has 600 rated player got the GM title next to their names?

  11. Can people talk about the video and chess instead of the stare ffs???

  12. My cat died last night. He was 1 year old and he was run over by a car. Your videos are the best thing to take my mind off him. Thank you Levy ❤

  13. I love the end of this video, Levi resigned

  14. So the comment section now is all about the stare huh? I see .. well i love it damn it

  15. Only a few people know the original title , if you know it , reply to this comment ! *Spoiler alert : I know it 🙂 )

  16. I was telling myself to not laugh, since some of these moves I would make as a noob 500 but come on dude that match was a catastrophe 😭

  17. I appreciate how your pronunciation of “en passant” has improved over time.

  18. as a swede i can confirm that we randomly go god-mode and win the game

  19. 100/10 stare today absolute masterclass of a stare

  20. Wisdom teeth extracted today, my friend, so it's binge time for how to lose at chess. Hopefully chess is the only thing that will have me crying this weekend.

  21. After this game, I think it's important to note that we should all be checking on Levy's health. This game might have given him a stroke.

  22. I made the exact same face at the end 10/10 what a game

  23. Finally someone that's as good as me at throwing

  24. I think our boi Sagar was trolling with Kg2

  25. Today's stare truly reminded me of the flynn rider smolder. 10/10

  26. "You can't stop an avalanche with a horse"
    Levi, 2023

  27. He was traumatized by how bad the moves were.

  28. The ELO rating is just going to keep getting lower and lower on the title. Excited to see what comes after negative!

  29. This is almost as sad, as me playing with skyweb a 1600 bot

  30. That has to be one of the worst choke jobs I have ever seen. That was the chess equivalent of 28-3

  31. I don't care what anyone says, low level chess is more entertaining than chess between 2800s.

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