AWFUL 600 Elo Chess

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  1. “Until today” sir today is a Thursday therefore denying its own existence! 🎉

  2. حالة عجيبة فعلا كيف تتحول أحوال الدنيا من ربح كثير إلى خسارة مفجعة

  3. Mating with 2 queen is fun. pause.

    no, seriously. I have tried to make 3 but my opponent resigns, I am not a good player myself, I just got lucky.

  4. I have a feeling Sagar did this just to get into the video cuz ain't no way bro just left a mate there for 20 different moves and then got mated himself.

  5. Does anyone know where I can submit my games for Gotham to analyse?

  6. This is the first time I have actually gotten particularly frustrated over seeing an awful game.

  7. As a negative elo chess i do not agree to this video, its all a brilliant move

  8. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! this game is going to make me quit chess

  9. Looks like literally every single one of my games.

  10. We've just about had enough of you talking about yourself.

  11. Everyone talking about the stare at the start but nobody talking about the absolute gaze of devastation and pain at the end. Ending stare, 11/10.

  12. Will Noob Arena ever come back? Absolutely loved that concept…

  13. Gotham can’t make a GTE episode because people suck so bad at chess (including me and you) that he has to make a separate video for them all.

  14. WELL, of course you would'nt need to drive off a cliff. There is no point. 6:45

  15. I swear to God Gotham your thumbnail faces are starting to look like video game screenshots

  16. Levy staring into our our souls knowing we want chess content XD

  17. The eval bar jumped off a cliff at the end 😂

  18. I didn't realize that the mate at the end was what happened in the game until the video ended, I thought it was just a showcase of why it was a bad move

  19. Hope your pops feels better soon. 😇

  20. Unbelievable! This makes all us crap players look good!!! 🤣 Yet, we all have our past crap games!😁

  21. Ahhh Haaaaa haa ha …… Haaaaaaaa haaaa LOL

  22. "don't raise your ceiling, raise your floor"
    – Levy Rosman 2023

  23. The gaze today was quite unique, dramatic, and intense.

  24. I loved how Levy just stopped mid-video to check on his puppy's well-being. ❤

  25. always checking the time into video when a loss in 2 moves is on the board…a good 5 minutes remaining, nice! 😀 gg

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