AWFUL 600 Elo Chess

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  1. I think white is someone's new alt and they just felt bad for black

  2. Real legends know that the original name for this video was ''Negative Elo Chess''

  3. I'm currently at 700. Started in December. I like to think I play at about 1000 level, but this is why I never resign! Mistakes happen so much in the slums of sub 1000 elo

  4. Do you have to be a subscriber to send him games? I’ve saved a few games that might be good, but I’m not subbed to his twitch.

  5. Between 8:00 and 8:12 is the most instructive advice any chess content creator has ever given!

  6. These 600 games are not good for my heart…

  7. And rook h8 is ma …..

  8. Filip: From my point of view this is winning in chess!

  9. What happened to the Gotham knights? He made a massive announcement that he is playing with hikaru, made one video about it, and didn't mention it ever again. What happened?

  10. this is in fact the greatest catastrophy in chess history

  11. Filip should be persecuted for not playing en passant

  12. Wouldnt be hilarious if Sagar stumble upon this video and say "Hey, thats me" and watch as he get yelled at

  13. why did u change the title

    gotta love negative elo chess tho

  14. There’s no way that wasn’t BM ending in a throw of the match 😂

  15. This is weird game but i like chess anyway, cause of it, without that games all perfect games are draw. Maybe game of chess is kind of evaluation how we can be human, and not robots?

  16. Double Downs Syndrome explains this.. at least they are happy all the time

  17. I don't know why but the only reason why I turned this video on is because I saw Levi changed the title

  18. Ik that ai is a big deal in chess in 2023 ,but the comin war prolly will never be forgettable . It's scary how much can be changed in just a small amount of time. Get the seatbelts ready for not chess ,but for ur changing life this year . The new ai era is on the horizon

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