99% of Chess Players Make This Mistake.

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  1. i think this tip could actually be 99% of chess players make this mistake:

    use a blue board. you'll play better.

  2. That get out of here always makes my day😂

  3. “Chess is hard!” A Quote from GothamBot.

  4. "Gotham subscriber got them in trouble" famous last words 😅

  5. I keep asking and they never tell me what they want. How rude.

  6. Alternate title: Levy constantly saying “what does my opponent want” for 29 minutes

  7. thx bro just hit new puzzle streak cuz of you

  8. That was totally awesome Levy thanks. It was like watching my own bullet or blitz games, where I was on the losing side each time ! So it was funny to see they were 10 minute games. And how time is relative to rating in an abstract way. If chess 960 has taught me anything recently, its that sometimes I think that my opponent does NOT know what he wants ! Hahaha.
    Great advice Gotham

  9. It looks like Levy was doing something important in the thumbnail 💀💀💀

  10. Can we get recaps of this team tourny thats going on?

  11. I get that Levy is trying to make this instructional for everyone, but 3 digit elos should put most of their effort into just not blundering. Even the 1200 game had multiple one move hanging pieces.

  12. dont play chess when drunk unless you are magnus

  13. Here to get my daily dose of Gotham chess

  14. The only thing I disagree with Levy on… Chess isn't really really fun when you climb. I guess, it's a weird kind of fun, but for me it was more fun when I could play dumb shit and get away with it because both me and my opponent ate too much paste to care.

    When you get into the range where players stop making critical mistakes easily… it isn't as much fun anymore 🙁

  15. I took a shot every time levi said "What does my opponent want?" and now I'm dying of alcohol poisoning xD

  16. Can we please at least make the players a thousand points stronger than THIS, to illustrate the point: "what does my opponent want"? I can't watch this, no offense. If you want to teach you can't do it like this.

  17. Day 17 of asking levy to get a low taper fade

  18. Finally breaking through the 1000 – 1200 elo. Currently hovering 1450 – 1500 by taking a bit more time calculating their threats 🎉

  19. I get the feeling Gotham wants me to ask something… idk what though…

  20. I started chess 2 months ago and I'm going to use some of your tactics to win lol

  21. Including Levy. We all know you ain't in the 1%

  22. 0:58 I understand why you chose lost games, but can't even games that they win offer lesson's for this topic?

  23. If it ain't "guess the elo"I don't want it

  24. You tell me , i have a hard time when i play 🥲

  25. Anyone else have to pause videos so they can play chess? Like, Levy is having too much fun; I must play now?

  26. For a person who doesn't always say chess is hard. You sure did say chess was hard a few times in first 2 minutes. Lmao

  27. today i skewered 3 pieces with one bishop. even tho my oppononent was about 2050 they probably dodn't watch that video and didn't listen to levy's advices. don't be like my opponent from today. listen to good advices

  28. I miss these low elo chess games and review. What ever happened to GTE

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