Carlsen RUINS Poor Grandmaster With Double Brilliancy

Magnus Carlsen Ruins Poor Grandmaster, Shant Sargsyan With Double Chess Brilliancy in Titled Tuesday Blitz Chess on, 20th February 2024, late tournament. A savage 24 move chess attack by Magnus Carlsen finished off by two epic brilliant attacking chess moves!

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  1. If you start making more fun of that annoying howler monkey from New York who shouts piece names in our ears all the time I will start donating money to your channel!

  2. Anyone shilling things on their channel is cringe.

  3. The lawnmover section was the funniest commentary ever😂😂😂

  4. I like the way you’re building your own style in the chess videos sphere: the Monty Python-esque pictures collages are great and the slightly 2nd degree jokes are entertaining. Keep going!

  5. I'm unsubbing. Every video is about Carlsen and all the titles are clickbait. Even the channel name is clickbait

  6. You’ve reminded me I need to buy a lawnmower…..for the grass lawn !….something I was obviously thinking when starting a chess video !

  7. Pierre de résistance? LOL!
    PEE-ESS de résistance. Pièce is easy to pronouce, unlike Hollandaise, or Béarnaise, or even Faberger which english speakers pronounce Fabreger.

  8. Brutal game indeed. Let’s pop up the question: is the opponent really of grandmaster level? By the numbers maybe, but his game looks as clumsy as possible: OK, his opponent was Carlsen, but I am quite underwhelmed by Black’s play, I would invite Black to hand over his grandmaster title until he plays decently. To put it bluntly, to me this performance is a disgrace to the grandmaster title, which once meant “top player” in about every sense.

  9. I almost pissed myself! (Nothing to do with the video, just saying.)

  10. I'm always on the lookout for something zany. It's what I like about this channel. I have to say that you caught me way, way off guard with that lawnmower detour. Bravo. I would've used that in a situation that followed the word "awkward" or "shameless" instead of "exciting," but that's a trivial quibble. In terms of this game, Magnus ran out the clock with a great attack. If Magnus is your opponent and you see him start throwing pieces away, if you haven't figured out how you're about to get checkmated, you will in a few more moves.

  11. not the livestreamed lawnmower 5.0 demonstration. true salesmanship by Fabi

  12. Love the Hans clip. Hans angry makes me happy.

  13. 3:03 – "Develop the knight with tempo" – 😕 with tempo on what :)? Yeah i know – sports commentary has its own quick rights 🙂

  14. Loved the commentary. Piss taking on man groomer was off the charts.

  15. 0:01 It's not rage by Hans, it's actually prostate orgasm after his super GM opponent forced him to increase the depth.

  16. Dudes legit funny as fuck. Most YT channels try to be funny and they’re not funny. Impressed lol

  17. Just use your beard clipper and save money.

  18. Just seems like yesterday I was congratulating you for 50k subs…now 60k! Please keep the content coming.

  19. so relieved you didn't scream THE ROOK!!

  20. I see you're inviting sponsors now. First The Plow, now The Lawn Mower. Good stuff.

  21. One thing you're not receiving enough thumbs for is your research. So thumbs up.
    Pawn to b6, there black's chances of 15 minutes of fame totally evaporate. Rabbit in headlights. Silly move.

  22. What was that cringe montage with the lawn mower 3.0? Putting famous chess players' faces on a lawn mower? Disrespectful.

  23. This channel has just become a shrine to Magnus. This is just a very one-sided game. When I first started watching this channel, there was far more variety. Ivanchuk, Gukesh, Dubov, Shak, as well as some beautiful older games that rekindled my love for chess… now it's mostly Magnus…. and Hikaru and Hans

  24. That's some awful chess right there. Lovely stuff by the goat lad mind.

  25. a very nice finish and a funny commentary. Thanks James.

  26. What a lackadaisical game by Magnus’s opponent had almost zero counterplay Magnus utilized his pieces high efficiency fantastic Bishop sacrifice that was a Good one keeping his opponents king in striking distance Thanks for the Game James Enjoy your day Cheers 😊♟️

  27. Magnus quote incoming: "What's for lunch today? More Grandmasters? Ahh so boring!"

  28. PieCe de résistance! (not "pierre" as in stone, "piece" as in dish, meaty part) – Hi from Belgium!

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