995,961,947,392,035,691 ELO CHESS!!!

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  1. Did he pay you make this video, pal???

  2. i never got the chance to play against this bad 1500s LOL

  3. Can’t wait for the Gotham x Tyler1 chess battle in a few months when Tyler passes 2000 elo.

  4. Why he very shocked by this 1700 playing even i can see this patterns with 1 seconds and i am only 1500😢

  5. I thought he was talking about the chess legend Hans

  6. Wtf is happening at 1800 elo?! I gotta get of my ass and get back to playing if people 200+ elo above me are hanging rooks like that.

  7. Soon one is gonna conquer it. Very soon…

  8. Tyler always plays open hippo, the hippo being the cow plus either the A and H pawns advancing on either one or two squares, which he plays mostly this being the open version of the hippo, the close being made with the B and G pawns

  9. Tyler would be 1000 to 1200 rated otb? The 1600 based on his games and knowledge doesn’t mean much if only play the same troll opening

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