Greatest Chess Move Ever

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  1. That move seems easy to understand, and they look like they're so close to winning already, there's no way it's the best move, IMO.

  2. What about Qe5? If queen takes queen then rook takes back, if queen takes the pawn you cqn take it back.

  3. What about knight to e2? King is forced to leave, and then knight to g3. Afterwards all moves available to black lead ti checkmate, am I missing something?

  4. Not my 300 rated ass getting gassed because I guessed the move

  5. Trotsky came back to life as a chess GM

  6. The comments here are so much funnier than his content.😂

  7. Gold coins? bro was playing on a pirate ship who tf has gold coins

  8. First time I see this move, I can't even figure out what happens there!. But after all this move was legendary. Even chess engine maybe just blown away

  9. I actually guessed the move right. Moving up in the world

  10. Full tutorial for this move how to use from starting the game ??

  11. The audience throwing gold coins at Levy and he aint even playing.

  12. Those who accidentally guessed it fr

  13. It’s good to know even in the old days they made the mistake of going for these one move attacks. That rook attack on the queen was a one mover that stopped protecting the important e2 square.

  14. But levy if the white captures the queen with his queen and then we give fork with the knight then captures with it then the white pawn captures the rook then we are a took down

  15. maybe my queen blunders are really genius moves, I just don't find the followup moves

  16. Oh I see this a Meme that When you overthink at chess

  17. Why does levy sound like Aziz Ansari in this video?!

  18. What if white moved the rook nxt to his kingg

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