A Chess World Record

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  1. At first I thought by looking at the thumbnail and title of this video it’s gonna be another epic „how to lose at chess“, but this one is also very nice. 😂😂

  2. Missed opportunity to call the worst AI "StonkFish" instead

  3. Hey levy I just want to say thank you cause you got me into chess you taught me how the pieces move many different openings and now I’m 700 elo and I’m 12 years old and I started chess at this age so thank you for showing me this amazing game ❤

  4. I recognise some of these moves from my games

  5. bro literally did the same thing as someone who beat the best IA

  6. There is a big difference between chess engine and intentionally bad chess engines. The best objectively possible move is a good move regardless of which move the opponent plays, but the worst objectively possible move might be a brilliant move depending on the opponent response.

  7. Where are the Frank videos ??😢

  8. Why are you not making world Cup recap. I do not like this content

  9. The way to lose against someone trying to lose is to stop moving. Just lose on time assuming it's a timed game. That or resign. Pretty simple solutions tbh. I'm the life of the party.

  10. When they do it its brilliant when i do it i get told to quit bruh

  11. If you really think about it, if there was a chess variant in which you lose in order to win, this would be a normal game, and in fact WorstFish would be a top engine!

    Instant edit: I don't actually know for sure this variant doesn't already exist, if it does than we need to match this bot with people!

  12. 1:53 I think that f4 is called the Coca Cola gambit

  13. They need to program WorstFish to resign instead of making a move that results in a checkmate.

  14. black set it up so early and managed to make the most glorious loss ever

  15. So WorstFish isn't actually the worst chess player, I'd call him CustomFish.

  16. bro just explained every chess conspiracy theory in 17 minutes 💀💀🤔👁⃤ |

  17. Technically, Worstfish was not defeated. It was programmed to always make the worst move which it did. If there is only one possible move, it is by definition both the best and worst move. However, if it was programmed to never make the best move, then it failed its mission.

  18. I never saw anything more impressive in my life

  19. This is amazing, that guy is too smart

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