How A Fake Human Scammed The World For 100 Years

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  1. Levy’s acting like he could beat this robot 😂

  2. That guy in the turk is actually play better than GMs on that time.

  3. These histrocial chess videos are some of my favorite of the whole channel. Would love a series of interesting/intense/funny chess matches or incidents

  4. I’ve been waiting for a video about the Turk forever!

  5. The roasting of Napoleon is the best part of this video 😂

  6. This is so funny. Like why did that guy want to play chess in a box? What did mf get out of it?

  7. Is it just me, or is Levy losing his passion and enthusiasm?

  8. Highly likely Benjamin Franklin threw out that score sheet lmao

  9. Back then, they accused engines of using humans.
    Today, we accuse humans of using engines.
    We are not the same

  10. Nice Video! But you stated that Wolfgang von Kempelen was only known for the Turk. Thats not true, he invented a lot of things.

    The additional word "von" is an indication, that he belongs to the german nobility. And he did belong to it.

  11. Isn't it funny that in the past chess bots cheated by having humans help them play?

  12. Nice to know that trolling was a thing long before the internet…

  13. As soon as Levy said it had a dark secret, I just knew it was a human player 😂 That long ago? A computer AI? Faker than Santa lmao

  14. The first actual "chess computer" was a purely mechanical device that had a board with just a KR vs K setup, where the mechanism would move the king and the rook to always checkmate the other king. It always made the same mechanical moves in each possible position, but technically speaking it was the kind of first ever genuine "chess computer", even if a completely mechanical one.

    Of course it took the advent of actual electronic computers before an actual chess computer using all pieces was possible.

  15. This is probably the funniest video I've seen in this channel 😂

  16. For 500 elo chess players, playing chess and creating art are the same thing

  17. I understand you love magnus but what's with the hate for Napo?

  18. the turk was actually hiding a person like a master in the contraption

  19. Fun fact, there's a reconstruction of the turk in the computer museum HNF in Paderborn, Germany where they hold a yearly international chess tournament in its honor called The Chess Turk Cup

  20. IAmThatIam solos your favorite verse says:

    As a Turk I can confirm that we tricked you all 250 years ago

  21. How does the turk from the 1700s know legal moves but not chat gpt?? Technology has gotten worse over time. 💀💀

  22. Just me who noticed the board was the wrong way in the thumbnail

  23. I can't wait for someone to sneak a Benjamin Franklin game into Guess the Elo

  24. I think at that time, castling wasn't a thing yet.

  25. Another day of asking if that is a technifibre squash racket in the back of your camera

  26. I guessed it, but I thought the player was inside the turk

  27. Who else watches till the very end to here him say:now get outta here

  28. Niemman : And then I took it personally 😅😅😅

  29. How did they make turk like how did he learn to be like e4,ok now turk will play e5

  30. Fun fact: Napoleon's second move is called the Napoleon attack

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