Alice (1559) vs V. Ponomarev (1954). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Rapid

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  1. Very well played Alise, promising future, congrats.

  2. Однако…. здорово сыграно!

  3. Tweedledum and alice dont need to look at their boards.

  4. Who won? Chess is a dumb game. Very boring.

  5. juro que não entendo como essas crianças conseguem jogar tão forte assim sem nem olhar pro tabuleiro

  6. Esse olhar perdido da Alice lembra a Greta Garbo.

  7. He was too worried about defending the kingside when he should of attacked the queen side with those open files

  8. Alice, you are clever and fast at playing chess ♟️♟️💪💪👍👍😊😊❤️❤️🥰

  9. You pretty very You can be good at playing chess well 👍👍💪💪♟️♟️♟️

  10. Was she going to win if he didn't give up? He has two advanced pawns.

  11. Did this guy really just lose to a little girl in a spiderman jersey with fluffy earmuffs?…….id never forgive myself.

  12. Terrific game, very exciting to watch. Congratulations, Alice!

  13. Smart moves from Alice..but Ponomarev wasted his win at the end !!

  14. What is the full name of this spider genius ?

  15. ❤😮 con esa Srta juego lo que sea pero ajedrez… Jamas !

  16. I love these children ,,,,, clever, and so cool ❤️

  17. Какой прелестный умный ребенок🌸

  18. She has also nervous tics with finger-skin-rubbing in face/mouth and smelling…..

  19. Woooow… Woooww…. Woowwww…. I love Alice in wonderland❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🫰🫰🫰

  20. Alice was brilliant. Her opponent was so slow to make a move; she was flash lightening in comparison. Xxx ❤

  21. Wow she never developed the queen side rook, but it ended up being her strongest piece because it was behind the outside passed pawn that was going for a queen. Beautiful counter play to his kingside attack. This shows that you want to have your own plan and counter play, not sitting around letting your opponent play his game.

  22. Alice gioca contemporaneamente con gli scacchi e con il tempo…

  23. It's 9.00pm on Christmas Day in Adelaide, South Australia. It's been a miserable rainy, cold summer's day and what a great surprise to watch Alice outplay Sprat in such a thrilling ending. I'm about to turn 71 soon and Alice keeps me feeling young. Thankyou so much, Alice.

  24. Одно удовольствие наблюдать и за самой Алисой, и за её игрой

  25. Q hermosa partida has ganado !! Admiro como juegas con los caballos . Felicitaciones Alicita !!

  26. I haven't played chess since my early youth but that was a terrific game. She had him after three or four moves and knew it. My only concern is her health. She needs to eat well and get her sleep and some fresh air too.

  27. M E G U S T A N L O S F I N A L E S F E L I C E S

  28. At 3.11 I think Nb3! would be good for Black, since axb3 is met by Qxa1+

  29. Удивительное рядом ! А может и в других областях жизни есть подобные одарённые ?

  30. It must undermine a man's confidence to play chess against a little girl in a Spiderman costume, with white fluffy ear muffs and starry purse, and lose

  31. She is Briliant n Adorable Kidd Good game, Good attitude, Good Camera angleSlava Alice 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸🐶💁‍♀️🐹

  32. Alice is so relaxed, but makes very quick decisions when it's her time to move. Amazing.

  33. Alice 🤹‍♀️🌻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻😄

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