Magnus Just Made History

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  1. Levi never forgets to make a video about magnus.

  2. It’s crazy to me that Gotham making a video about Magnus Carlsen gets more view than Magnus Carlsen himself…

  3. It does not matter what the achievement is making him happy, he is a cheater. Period 😮

  4. From now on whenever I hang a pawn i’m just going to say I gambited it 😎

  5. He doesn’t make history… History is simply stalking him.

  6. Levy never fails to say “methodically” exclusively after “slowly” 😂

  7. Something about that entire “BECAUSE HE PLAYED LIKE THIS!” section of the vid activated all the funny neurons

  8. TBH I feel it's embarrassing for the human species that there's a guy although he's human as well that he can just beat his opponent who is in the best 1500 of an 8 billion population almost every single time while not playing conventional chess.

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