AlphaZero CRUSHED Stockfish!

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  1. The thing is I bet it isn't consistent. A machine learning model may sometimes just do stupid moves. Now a hybrid between machine learning AND game theory… Now that's something

  2. AlphaZero make stockfish look like a child vs MAN 💪

  3. "For the last 2 decades computers exceeded human capabilities, but in 2017 everything changed"
    *Proceeds to show another AI fighting stockfish

  4. Google in 2017: Chess AI beats stockfish
    Google in 2022: I beat bard in 4 moves

  5. Upgraded AlphaZero will be called AlphaNegative 🤣

  6. what if AlphaZero vs Magnus Carlsen? hmmm

  7. And what is different Alpha Zero from a chess computer?? It is a chess computer, but more powerful. Right?

  8. Not only jailed. The French had the Queen's head chopped off

  9. Fish : They need robot, to defeat another robot

  10. this match was rigged in alpha zero favour, the.point was for it to win test how it would fair against the strongest engines.

  11. Deep Blue and every chess ai through 2005 – Trade! Capture! Trade!

    Alpha zero – capturing an immobile piece is a wasted move.

  12. Lol answer this what's a chess player greatest defender

  13. I’ve done that before to one of my opponents it was beautiful, and it actually looked exactly like it looks thwre

  14. One mistake in stockfish is to put the rook on e8. The queen has no future to get out of this corner of chess, it was necessary to play king f8 and gradually pull the queen out of this imprisonment, and then there would be a threefold repetition of moves—a draw.

  15. Chess is obsolete in determining intelligence. RTS games like age of empires and star craft require FAR more skill and strategic thinking than chess. Chess is for noobs.

  16. AlphaZero made stockfish become stuckfish 💀

  17. i fr thought alphazero would just capture it's own queen or smth

  18. Hey I recognize that! My dad always used that against me when we played chess.

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