This is day 7 of a chess tournament I am playing right now in Mallorca, Spain 🙂 I’m so excited to bring you on this chess journey these 9 days – hope you enjoy the video!!!!

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  1. I want to see Anna play her dad in the tournament. I can see him destroying you with the cow opening 🙂

  2. How has no one ever told Anna the Ls in "calm" and "half" are silent

  3. We will always support you and this channel. Keep up the good work.

  4. Felicidades!!! Que bueno! Echale ganas y ganaras!

  5. It must be fun for these older players to compete against a little girl they’ve seen grow up over the years! 🤣

  6. Congratulations Anna! Great chess and great chess content!! ☝️🥇🏆

  7. Awesome!
    Congrats on the win!
    Quick question: How can someone so full of energy be so calm playing chess?
    That's insane LOL.
    That fluke is not your fault 😅🤣😂.

  8. They told her it was the Mayor because they know she will believe it.

  9. Insect fool's day! Once thie tourney is over, please show us how it did it!

  10. There is no reason at all for you to feel bad about the audio. It had NOTHING to do with the outcome. You won fair and square. Congratulations!

  11. Hi Anna! Amazing game! and good job going back into focus after what happened. Don't be upset about the accident! I'm sure your opponent understood the situation. Those are the risks of playing worldwide live streaming! Next tournament you may talk with the organisers, telling this story to avoid it from happening again!
    PS: never stop smiling!!!! 😁

  12. What a game! The stream coming up is so weird. That rook sacrifice was super brave. Very well played.

  13. I could be a very strong player. If I didn't hang pieces and I was able to find good moves.

  14. Nah, next time you'll hear some other opponents mothers voice and then its his or her time to feel bad for it…

  15. Bobby Fischer was always worried about bugs too! You're in good company. (PS- Pia's commentary is wonderful)

  16. You really played wonderful tactics with your "nothing to lose" mindset. It made you more confident. Maybe you should have this mindset more. I absolutely love your channel and your enthusiasm!

  17. Has anyone heard or read the book Queen's Gambit? Just curious…

  18. That was EXCELLENT. Very well played. There is NO reason for you to feel bad. It was 5 seconds; it had NO meaning to the actual game, and you both carried on and played very well. We LOVE your joy and enthusiasm of life! These actual competitions are VERY GOOD for you and I for one want to see you enter more of them.

  19. wow! yeah would have rattled me. Well done Anna ! You kept your composure. Amazing ! Spain looks amazing ! Love to visit there some day. go Anna !

  20. If u not the happiest person I know I don’t know lol

  21. Along came a spider and sat down beside her and frightened Miss Muffit away!

  22. Came for the commentary great job Anna

  23. There's a joke here somewhere about playing bee too if someone can find it.

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