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  1. Hoping to get a recap of the current going Global Chess League. Really interesting matches.

  2. Hikaru:- "Let's win so Levy doesn't steal the content"

    Gotham:- "Hold my ROOOOOOOKKKKKK"

  3. 21:22 I'm watching from Argentina! 🇦🇷 Thank you for covering some of Faustino's games. Amazing stuff!

  4. The Hikaru vs Gothamchess beef will be legendary

  5. Dude, if I wanted to see comercials, I didnt enter this video. And the length of this commercial is so long, that I've even forgotten what I was watching… There are plenty of chess streamers who dont violate videos with comercials like these. I understand you get money, but does it worth to loose the followers? Anyway, take care….

  6. Vamos Levy! Much appreciate your content. Abrazos from Argentina.

  7. well i would say stopp changing titels!!!! but this will only support the Algorithm, so i don´t complain about it to don´t support your bad behaivor…….. (i know)

  8. Me watchung through the ad just to give levy watch time (i am not sure if "watch time" is the correct name) 😊

  9. its amazing how you really stole the content and I am watching this here instead of Hikaru's channel. Indeed, I am subscribed to both of you.

  10. I was watching on hikaru's channel and everyone was kekwing when he said that and he was so dead serious

  11. Moment of silence and respect for the ppl who actually watched the whole sponsorship 🫡 🫡🫡

  12. Muchaaaaaaaachoooooos
    Ahora nos volvimos a ilusionaaaaaaar


  14. I was half expecting to play the "we don't talk anymore" card. 😂

  15. Hikaru said in a video that the last time he was adopted was probably around 9yo, i think Faustino is gonna be stronger then him in the future.

  16. Thanks for covering Faustino, it feels weird that an argentinian in chess is named in your videos! Cheers to that!
    Greetings from Cordoba, Argentina!
    Muchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachos, ahora nos volvimos a ilusionar! ♪♫

  17. Argentinian viewer here, although i definitely dont play like faustino ahaha. FAUSTINO WORLD CHAMPION 2030, MUCHAAAAAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOS. Te mando un beso enorme levy, sos un genio.

  18. Thank you for changing the board color when you break from the actual moves!

  19. Homie why do you change the title/thumbnail on every video? I feel like it's a pattern for an easter egg or smth 😂

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