Andrew Tate’s First Chess Game Out Of Jail…

Tried to be more energetic today!
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  1. Guy plays queens gambit and does not even know mainline theory

  2. Bro is just an average player…..


  3. Does anybody know what his name on the app is???

  4. "He is looking to penetrate these lovely holes"

  5. Bro played the queens gambit, I feel complete

  6. me watching to see if I can beat andrew tates ass

  7. Noob vs PRO Minecraft Security Build says:

    bruh why no eval bar? i also wanna see like stockfish 5 top moves suggestion + threats

  8. B5 isn't that good. After taking both the pawns for the bishop white is in check and loses the pawn on g5 as well, which means black loses 3 pawns for the bishop, creating equal material and black is still far behind in development.

  9. you also say theeeee instead of the. Only a few times you pronounced the word "the" like a normal person

  10. If that was an average Tate game. I’d beat him easily. Expected more from him tbh

  11. Tate really plays like the average mentally challenged streamer. Chess is clearly not for him.

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