Anna Cramling Cheated.

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  1. im not a good chess player by no means but at 2:46 he could've taken the pawn with en passant no?

  2. Pia: Anna, light of my life, my beautiful bundle of joy, why are you making these dumb moves

  3. They should have been speaking like characters in Animal Crossing New Horizon

  4. 11:46: but If she would just takes the pawn on b3 with the pawn on A1, nothing would Happen,right?

  5. Boy want to have send with everyone chose ONE: Andrea or Anna

  6. Not levy doing the stare through his blindfold.

  7. The fact that these advanced players can see the board blindfolded like this is just something that never stops to amaze me. Especially when Levy sees the knight move forking the king and queen INSTANTLY. Bravo my man!

  8. yeah, I am sure this video is much like most of the other YouTube crap out there. IT IS FAKE!

  9. Amazing to play blindfolded over one board. How about eight?

  10. thought you guys were the generation of hyping up the world of chess and then this is the music you pick for the background music on your video? animal crossing?

  11. Anna would never cheat she is amazing you had the win and blew it either way even if you didn’t or did have 9 seconds left go sit down and drink a soda bud

  12. bro the timer is giving anna extra seconds i think this is the cheating i havnt watched full vid yet

  13. Damn, I didn't think that I would be the 1M view, I tried and it worked!!


  15. Sadly the best player at the table is not playing.. gg tho

  16. WithScience As My Sheperd I Sleep A Carefree Sheep says:

    Gotham with his big googly eyes …. definitively not looking 😉
    Got ham?

  17. the mother is the best person in the room. she looks so sweet

  18. When I walk into my home, I need to put my keys, wallet, and phone in a pile somewhere in the open otherwise tragedy strikes when I need a blizzard from DQ. I have a terrific appreciation for how high level chess players have trained their mind.

  19. Why is Levys jumper/sweater game always on point.

  20. GothamChess you're the biggest loser, no one on the street even recognizes you and that tells a lot. lmFao

  21. Even Hikaru wished he was so… beautiful 😄

  22. What do you mean eyes closed? He had his eyes wide open the entire match

  23. Qe2 Kg3 was Checkmate There Hard to se wblindfolded tho Maybe the a pawns Confused him

  24. How humiliating… drawing against a blind player lmao

  25. damn, she actually extended her hand to the man with the blindfold. 16:40

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