Anna Cramling Cheated.

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  1. Speaking as a blind person, that is absolutely mind blowing.

  2. This was fun! I don't think anyone actually cheated, though.

  3. Loving the ACNH theme song lmao😂😂

  4. That mask so suits you!
    Really impressive play. Blows my mind.

  5. I love the way that Annas mom like gracefully taps the timer and always knows exactly where to move the pieces

  6. Wow levy seeing that knight fork blindfolded wtffff

  7. in star wars anakin said :you underestimate my power obi wan:dont try it

  8. he see through the under gap of the eye mask

  9. Bro can she stop talking she is distracting him

  10. I wonder if anna always calls her mother "GM mom"

  11. I hear animal crossing music in the background!!!!

  12. Why isn't this guy a grandmaster already?

  13. "How do i know that you cant castle but you dont know that you cant castle" this got me laughing so hard 🤣🤣

  14. why did Gotham resign he was literally winning 🤔

  15. Wow I though this relationship was unbreakable but she cheated did not expect this 😢

  16. That’s a brilliant game blindfolded against a brilliant player. Must pause to appreciate Levy’s effort and skills here … How did he do that?

  17. I love how the title suggests Anna cheated when in fact Levy keeps raising his head high (and turning his head half-way to the said to get an angle with the opposite eye) so he can take momentary peeks at the board, effectively cheating the challenge. Next time wear a mindfold, Levy.

  18. Why didn’t her mother say the time instead? She mislead levy therefore she basically cheated

  19. Animal Crossing music is sick 🙂

  20. Why do you say she cheated? Click bait title. Define cheated, you volunteered to play blindfolded.

  21. Report her to the blindfold chess federation

  22. Hey Levy, been watching your channel for a minute. I just wanted to say, if you were my older brother, I’d wear all your stuff. Always look sharp.

  23. Actually Levi cheated, he never put on a blindfold 😂

  24. i like how anna went for a handshake while levy sat there looking really relived

  25. Impressive to see that game played while blindfolded. Can't even imagine.

  26. anna cramling is the worse no one likes her

  27. Wait… Levy clearly announces "e4" at the start of the game, but Pia moves a pawn to d4. Am I missing something?

  28. SUDDEN DRAW??? (…with Qh8?)
    Qe7+!! > Mate in 3
    (I must admit, I asked Stockfish 🙄)

  29. What's our time
    9 seconds
    oh, 96.

    And actually he is right, but in Anna's clock

    it's strange.

  30. Trumpowski?…Trumpkow…Trump….Trump! Trump 2024, yeahbbb!

  31. I feel like it's not very kind to put this clickbait-title about Anna, 'cause thousands of idiots are just gonna run with it without watching the video and assuming she really did cheat. Similarly to when newspapers put out ragebait-titles that don't reflect the article, but still harms the person 'cause so many people just believe the title

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