Anna Cramling Cheated.

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  1. What was the best move after both of them promoting?

  2. I can't hide even if active try the fact that I'm love with girl, omg

  3. I'm a measly 1000 noob can someone explain why at 6:45 he doesn't play Bishop g7 forking the rook and Bishop?

  4. i hate youtube. i got two 20 second unskippable ads before the video started and at 2:12 i got two more 20 sec unskippable ads.

  5. I feel levy would’ve won when she played pawn h4, then he would’ve played king to f3 would trap her king in the same file as her pawn

  6. Fr dho Anna aand levy would be such a good couple

  7. Bro why did she says 9 seconds wtf, he obviously was reffering to himself as he is BLINDFOLDED AND CANNOT SEE TIME.
    Amazing how you were destroying her even under the stress she put you in by saying 9 seconds.

  8. Can we have Levi vs Hikaru blindfolded?!

    I don't think I can play more than 3 moves blindfolded.

  9. I started watching his videos a month ago when I had a rating of like 400 and accuracy like 5 percent and it has increased to 80% hollyyyy

  10. What happens when ChatGPT plays against ITSELF in chess?? Go see it

  11. does anyone know the name of the chess pieces/chess set in this video?

  12. Is it just me or is Anna's mom so beautiful? Holy hell, I wonder how did she keep her health so good.

  13. It's the exact same Sam Sevian endgame that Danya showed recently. You win with Qe2+ and Kg3.

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