Anna Cramling is the sweetest person #chess #chessmemes #shorts

Are you also scaring by Anna Cramling?

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  1. I didn’t see Anna in this video, so I’ll try to remember her face…Big teeth?

  2. This is very weird and niche. What the heck was that second part of the clip?

  3. Who is here because of Ana Cramling Twitch video

  4. Hammer has to be reminded of the many flavors of sweetness 🙂 ✌

  5. I suspect her to be genuinely kind, though enthusiastic seems more accurate.

  6. I mean yeah, as someone who is polish I definitely agree that this is an absolute win.

  7. Pia also looks innocent until you see what she does with your pieces 😀

  8. And she needs to be stopped!!! Dina v Anna: arm wrestling, thumb wrestling…cornholing…whatevs, idc. Loser has to do her next 5 uploads impersonating the other from start to finish. No breaking character. There's some actor/voice coach on YT that will likely be happy to help them out. And grade their progress along the way. Anna so needs (whether she knows it or not) to be flipping over boards being bellicose and belligerent. Dina though…being relegated to being saccharine sweet and overly respectful…throughout a whole episode?! Ha!! Pfft.

  9. Anna might be the sweetest person alive. So much love of life

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