Hikaru Just Needed A Draw

Hikaru reacts to Chess Grandmasters Raging At Bad Chess Moves


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  1. Birthday boy was in for a surprise yesterday! Happy belated birthday hikaru

  2. Hikaru what's your secret to always being happy?

  3. master hikaru just needed to cheese So with dese nights and some kebabs. we will get our time so

  4. The guy that checkmated Magnus in a few moves made history.

  5. If only hikaru replied to his comment section 🥹

  6. Just like yesterday.. he needed only a draw…

  7. Hikaru brother, calm down with the tournament mentality.
    You can do it, bounce back stronger please.

    And happy birthday!

  8. Hikaru will get his ceiling into the CCT room someway or another.

  9. Show the screenshot where Hikaru lost to Arjun and DM'd " Do not cheat" messages 😂

  10. Kramnik was the big winner: Hikaru, on his birthday not only ended up with cake but also egg all over his face. Really poor performance when Hikaru has to play face-to-face against opponents? So the result was "interesting" and Hikaru should be investigated further?

  11. I watched it live yesterday, it was so upsetting, but oh well that’s that

  12. I wasnt going nowhere but I quit chess bc I couldnt handle losses.

  13. don't worry hikaru, you will bounce back surely

  14. FIRST 10 Comments on the vid. Hikaru respond to my plea

  15. Hikaru what happened with the tournament. Looks like you weren't focused

  16. Magnus and all the other gm's are such ragers, a side effect of being competitive at the highest levels. Kudos

  17. That last clip is rich, you see Nepo storm out and the animated back ground cuts him back in 10 seconds later throwing stuff😂

  18. There was a guy talking about how Hikaru was "crying" yesterday when he was losing. This video directly addresses that ALL of these players take hard losses. It's normal. It's part of the game. Anyone saying otherwise is kidding themselves and just trolling.

  19. Pragg making people lose their mind 😄

  20. That's definitely how anyone feels when losing in chess. You played well today and almost won against Magnus.

  21. I don't understand why Fabiano was so upset. Was it a delayed reaction? There was nothing he could do to stop it three moves ahead. By the way, it's worth a study to find out if you will be a better chess player if you don't get angry after a loss. Doesn't the brain need negative feedback to prevent it from making mistakes, or is it more instructive to sit down and calmly explain to one's brain how something was unwise?

  22. I'm sorry for the Chess tour. I was rooting for you

  23. Hard to win when you gotta stop cheating. /sarcasm

  24. Happy bday Hikaru 🎉. Winning or losing, your fans are here to cheer for you. Les go!

  25. Happy Birthday Hikaru, Wish you more King sacrifices in coordination with Vidit 🎉

  26. wow nepo magically transported out of there..

  27. I want to see him react to his big baby pouty reactions today 😂

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