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  1. I was excited for Levy when he announced he was going back to OTB chess to win the GM title but now its just the same cheating, 100 ELO, clickbait as usual… 🤮🤮🤮

  2. It's unfortunate cheating is referred to as "fairplay violation", because 'fairplay violation' sounds like someone just did something mildly shady, like diving in soccer. While super cringe the first does not come close in severity to cheating with a computer.

  3. people here accepting he didnt cheat, they probably dont know danya so well, Daniel has been no.1 in blitz so many times.

  4. Magnus played this same opening in every game in today's titled Tuesday 💀💀

  5. Levy is love your videos and what you’ve done for chess (my son watches you, I’m so happy!) BUT, you’ve got to STOP WITH THE CLICK-BAIT titles! It’s turning me off, and I think I might be part of a larger group that you are losing, never mind how much I love chess. You weren’t this way before, and you did great, so stop it, please?

  6. When I saw the last vid, all I could think was either it was a new bot that found a hole in the game other AI never found or someone was doing some theory crafting for openings. Wait, what is this opening going to be called. Will it be called the Viih Sou opening? The Hong since he made it. The Jacobson? Rook Odds?

  7. Hikaro is so good if u beat him u get banned for cheating

  8. So now that's two huge talents we have in the US, Hans Niemann and Brandon Jacobson, both being frozen out by our chess establishment. USCF is essentially colluding with the St. Louis organizers to allow Niemann to be banned, and I wonder what would happen to Jacobson. Are they cheating? There's no more evidence of that than that Magnus Carlsen, who always has his father in the audience, who never gets tired, never makes a move that isn't almost the best, never plays with an idea but is generally just waiting for a mistake — no more evidence than that Carlsen is cheating, and maybe less.

  9. This is actually for temporary 4770 since my replies directly to that person are not showing up so I don't know if that is because youtube itself doesn't like what I typed or if temporary 4770 is actually the owner of this channel using a different account and rejecting it themselves. i don't know why but I'm going to try to respond to the request to prove how people are spoonfed what to think.

    I'll be surprised if you (temporary 4770) make it through all of this. Buckle up, this is going to be a long one so I'm sorry if you have a "microwave dinner" mentality where it has to be ready in less than 15 minutes or you want nothing to do with it.

    With very few exceptions, all that anyone is online is an account name that either wins or loses a chess game. Unless the game turns off the feature of ratings points then that account either increases or decreases their chess rating with each win or loss (and sometimes even with a draw/stalemate)

    Now let's use me for the example since that will probably make it easier for you to accept emotionally since most people only think up to the point where they reach their first base emotion and then stop thinking and their base emotion is not inclined to accept any truth that is to their own disliking or if that truth makes them look bad or look less intelligent etc. I have an account online and I realize that I gain more ratings points when I win a game vs someone who is much higher rated than I am at the time.

    Now if I have that "microwave dinner" mentality I don't want to keep playing chess for months and months and even years before i start to see results of me moving up in my chess rating because once again. I want my results in "less than 15 minutes" or I want nothing to do with it. It's not fun for me if I'm just playing weeks and months and months and seeing zero progress. So I decide to cheat because I am online and no one knows if I'm cheating or not at any given time.

    Now since I'm smarter than most I will not cheat every game and I will also not win every game that I cheat. I have noticed though that as I start to cheat and increase my rating by winning against much higher rated players i am now starting to play opponents that I am not better than all the time including players that are now much lower rated than me so If was 1000 when i started cheating and I move up to 1800 in a few weeks or months, now I'm actually worse than players who are 1300 or 1400 so I really can't afford to lose those games or I will lose a lot more ratings points than if I lose to players who have a much higher rating than I do.

    So I continue to cheat even as the higher rated player and now a certain website where many people go to play chess gets to tell everyone that cheating doesn't really happen as much online because lower rated players don't win as often online as they do over the board…because I and other serial cheaters understand that they have to keep cheating in order to maintain the higher rating that they have. I will even create multiple accounts with lower ratings so I can actually use the cheating system as a teacher for what moves to make and I can then "learn" that way. I can also play honestly until I get into a tricky situation and then take "extra time to look at the board" and then cheat for that next move and go right back playing "honestly" so I can continue to look "human". I never have any intention of playing anyone in person unless I use my real actual rating

    Now all of this is assuming that my "why do I cheat?" is to move up as high as possible in ratings. It doesn't take into account the reality that some people just cheat by having their friends coach them through an occasional game now and then if they are hanging out or are room mates etc. and they both love chess but one is much better than the other. It also doesn't take into account that some people cheat just to see if they can get away with it or get better at cheating itself as a "sport"….so I may then decide to lose a few games "honestly" because I can always move my rating back up anytime I want to but in the meanwhile it's fun to beat these higher rated players with a lot of moves that are just me playing on my own until I fall behind and then take extra time to "see the board" and find the top move or one of the top moves to gradually gain the advantage again.

    So you see your average age of the top 100 players is 33 "fact" is useless since that "fact" only presumes that the entire purpose or goal of cheating is to move into the top 100 players in the world and therefore your "fact" is not an example of how well you think but an example of how well you don't think….which makes you more likely to be spoonfed what to think by others and less likely to think critically which is another way of saying "I don't really care if I'm right or wrong I just like to get it right at the end of the day" which means people would then not have an emotional investment in "being right" which is the opposite of how the overwhelming majority of people live their lives.

    So now you have a choice..Is it true that if I figured all of this out that others who are actual cheaters have figured this out and even more than what I realize is going on or am I so smart that no one else is ever really going to take it this deep…..or will you just refute what I have said without offering anything that serves to actually prove what I typed above isn't possible or isn't actually happening.

  10. I don't think he cheated.
    Why would anyone come out and claim ownership of a banned anonymous account if they were actually a cheater.

  11. Why would a GM have or need an anonymous account? You are not allowed more than one account, as far as I know.

  12. I thought he was banned for having a Smurf account. Is that not under fair play?

  13. I'm far more concerned about false positives than positives. To be a victim of cheating is of little consequence, to be a victim of a false positive is a Kafkaesque nightmare. How can you prove a negative!

  14. It’s me, hi, I’m the problem it’s me. 😂

  15. I knew it! Every GM that ever beat me was cheating!

  16. Great video for falling asleep within a reasonably short period of time.

  17. One issue though.
    The eval bar is likely right and there is a counterstrat to play that renders this opening utterly useless. And for such an event whoever that opponent is: He can learn and practise for it.
    I don't think the eval bar is wrong, its more that the counter is too complex or asks for something players nowadays just don't do

  18. He was analyzing the previous game using a comp while in the next game

  19. I don't see why you wouldn't since you reached out to one of the players potentially involved in this

  20. playing live OTB is useless since the main goal was to catch naroditsky by surprise. now he can prepare against that and won easily. you're an IM, you should know that better than 99.99% of players.
    btw, I played that system a few games on blitz (I'm about 1700) and found a pretty solid positions in the middlegame.

  21. Damn the Chess comunity is an even bigger pile of turd than the Smash Melee comunity. Actually impressive. They ban people without proof of cheating because you play uniquely.

  22. bro narrates like fnaf 5 sister location guiding voice

  23. So stupid, just have a proctored match between the two and put a fork in it. But conflict makes more money than resolution.

  24. If it's stupid but it works, it's not stupid.

  25. Danya probably already looked at this crazy opening enoigh after that match that he won't lose to it again

  26. If this opening is a novel trick opening and Brandon did not cheat then Danya "simply" prepares the proper counter measures in advance and plays them in the match, creaming Brandon. Does that prove anything?

  27. this is a psychopatic narcisist "communist" well maintained by mum and dad.

  28. Welcome back Bobby Fischer 😭🙏‼️‼️

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