BTS we’re all just Chess kids

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  1. atleast that's better than losing against them 😭

  2. If Alex is chasing me I'm getting closer to my dreams…
    ~A wise student of supreme leader

  3. Alex is so nice playing with those lil kids 😂

  4. Because kids has a new different tactics than the botez sisters😊

  5. I wanna be kids again, and play with alexandra

  6. ‘🤫🤫🤫🤫’
    -Alex on chasing down a kid 1/6 her size and age.

  7. Alex running like a wild amazonian woman 😂

  8. Ngl, I'd be terrified if an Andrea twice my size came chasing after me. Alex too, if she bares her teeth.

  9. I wish i was a kid that Alexandra is chasing

  10. Alex accidentally traumatising kids due to unleashing her inner kid is exactly what I think is happening at these events. Also Andrea having to constantly face her fears.

  11. Imagine if they were grown men and those are little girls….

  12. Dropped in coffee raised by monkeys

  13. Next tittle: chess boxing with kids, then at least you'll have a winning chance 😂

  14. Andrea is a 11 year old in a 22 year olds body

  15. Figures, losing to kids because you know how that felt.

  16. Not sure why I expected Alex to straight up tackle a kid. 😆

  17. Kids like her 😂 but they still like running

  18. Wow new DLC'S unlocked for the basement I guess

  19. I mean, sure, this is what Alex does. But off camera, I get the feeling Andrea's just hiding from the little pests

  20. Y'all are really cool. Like the vibe is right. And thanks for making chess look enjoyable and competitive

  21. Nah that just doesnt look right😭😭😭.

  22. If her shoes didnt weigh ten lbs shed be able to keep up with them lol ❤

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