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  1. This title actually makes sense in my country language 😂😂😂
    "A sdfa sdfa sd l fkhasdf"

  2. Some time I’d like these super GMs to just shake hands, start the clock, then stop the clock and shake hands for the draw without bothering to make any actual moves. Could’ve saved us all an hour or so today.

  3. The fact your in New York is funny to me. I was just there yesterday. For some reason I pictured u living in London or Europe

  4. Regarding the intro, it's completely understandable why you'd change the thumbnail style, but I don't think it's even that big of a deal. This is your job and peeps gotta get paid ya know? So just keep doing what you're doing and people will mellow out towards if eventually I'm sure.

  5. "I much would rather have the 300 to 400 thousand views per video and sacrifice a little bit of integrity."

    This is precisely the problem with our society today. Small grains of sand become a heap, and "little" bits of integrity add up to a lot. Sacrificing integrity for money is not the way. Eventually, your goofy faces will become less and less effective and you'll have to up the ante and do something even more ridicuoius. It's like an addict chasing a high… Love your videos, but this makes me not want to watch. I hope you come around

  6. the first 2 minutes earned you mad respect. no youtuber talks about this stuff yet everyone does it

  7. chat gpt has been making this titles or levy has broken his keyboard

  8. Aman Sarkar. {অমন সরকার} says:

    Chess is getting more popular hope the player might increase at the same rate.

  9. its a Mr Beast thumbnail — dont apologize — it works!

  10. Levi, the clickbaiting works because it reflects the attitude of what people are in the mood to feel. You make people feel. A thumbnail of 2 brains quaking Theta ripples form their craniums at each other like professor X looks a little school-teachery. Levi pointing at his cheeks while saying ZOMG puts people in the 100 Elo curbstomp mode.

    They say "I should want to see this entertaining match"; but the case is they are BOTH entertaining. One would entertain because of the mindset going into the video, while the other does not, even though they are identical content.

    So, don't feel bad about clickbaiting- You're providing the most low-brain-effort neuron recognition of a "good time when you click here" that is needed to enjoy the video. Change the oral Levi with Brilliancies to 2 school teachers in a vest with pocket watches playing chess, and people say "ugh… the 1950s".

    Don't feel bad about this. Feel bad about you with your mouth open, and the photoshopping people do with that. Feel bad about the Type of clickbaiting 🙂

    -From a fellow strategist

  11. Everyone on YouTube should already know the game is the game

  12. Eh you don’t need integrity you’re a New Yorker, haha I’m just kidding just wanted to say the fun thumbnails are fine and I appreciate you using the game number in the upper left to distinguish the videos

  13. The title is literally Turkish people laughing as texting

  14. I understand your thumbnails, even before you explained it here, but I'd still try to make them a bit more different and with better titles, otherwise I feel like these videos will get a bunch of views now and no views after a few weeks. You could change them later, but you could also write a title that is a little more interesting than literally "ASDFASDFASDLFKHASDF"

  15. He knew what he was doing when he had this as a title to vote for

  16. have you asked an AI to help you with the thumbnails ?

  17. I really don't care what the thumbnail and title is. I'm gonna click on the video. The real amateur ones are the people who point out that stuff because they love to criticize, and they have nothing better to do.

  18. can u retroactively rename the videos so that searching them up in the future would be easier?

  19. I always chuckle at "get out of here" 😂

  20. Did I hear impression of Christopher Wallken around time stamp 7 minutes?

  21. Thumbnails are great! Btw: almost every Video close to 1 million views, crazy

  22. This title was typed while having a stroke lmao

  23. And here Gotham sacrificed his digniiiiity for views😅

  24. Yeah I figured it had something to do with profit, although I never expected them to attract an extra 400,000 views. Crazy

  25. I agree your thumbnails are dumb, but really, a thumbnail doesn't affect the quality of the video. As long as they make you more successful, and that success results in more excellent videos, then by all means use those terrible thumbnails.

  26. I subscribed to you because of this match’s series on your channel. I watched game 6 and stuck with it daily as part of my morning routine. That was made easier just by having the these videos numbered in either the thumbnail or the title. The way I see it, people following this series become hawks looking for similar thumbnails like books in a series having similar covers. I no longer care about clickbait, it is what it is and if youre getting more views from it GO FOR IT, fans want creators doing well. Your integrity can be better put into efforts in the content itself.

  27. When the game is so good that it can't be given a name.

  28. Don't worry Gotham chess. We love you. don't pay attention to those who are complaining about silly things.

  29. fuck the algorythem . You tube is just greedy as f

  30. They ran out of book moves and so decided to draw the game

  31. You don't have to justify yourself for using clickbait. People who complain about stuff like that still live in 2010.

  32. No matter what anyone says. This is the most clickbait title I have ever seen. I have never wanted to click on a video so quickly before.

  33. Man really slams on his keyboard and calls it a title

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