Basic Chess Openings Explained

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  1. Bro I love you but I literally just arrived in the chess world, why are you talking about fried livers in a video titled "basic chess openings? Zoom out more brother.

  2. What happend to him, Old gotham videos are so much more watchable then the more recent ones…😉

  3. gotta be honest, too much rambling and opinion. just teach openings.

  4. Im a 2000 elo player and i'll be playing a WIM and/or FM in an upcoming event, i aim to get a draw against the two, so should i enter the main lines or not?
    Thanks for your videos the are helping me build a lot of self esteem

  5. Im on jobova London white Scandinavian def black.
    But im only 700

  6. I am a beginner chess player, i always use king pawn opening. In 3 – 4 game i can win with this opening but after that, I always lose with that opening. So can you help me what's the problem with that opening?

  7. Why is he so respectful, I want the new version

  8. Lost 21 games straight today , feeling depressed!

  9. great video – I'm just starting kooking at openings. Get a handfull of set opening memorized seems like next step for me.

  10. I kinda want to know from which video Levy switched from "Thanks for watching" to "Get outta here"

  11. I know t's been 3 years, but when playing the Bird as white how can you effectively counter the From's gambit?

  12. it would be very cool to make a video how to react against toxic pawn players

  13. perfect explanation, learned a lot. make to 1000 😁 just with king indian, thanks levy

  14. What software do these chess content creates use to move pieces that include the arrows and other visuals?

  15. Well done mate! I am heading back into chess soon this video will help!

  16. This is what I needed A set piece opening the Queens pawn London Thank you

  17. I forgot what it’s called but I know….uh I think….krujis opening???

  18. Dude I started playing chess two weeks ago and im beating my friends badly because I watch your videos

  19. The kings Indian has got me from a miserable 130 to a 205! – I've been playing for two weeks now and I'm loving it!!

  20. Im 15 so im investing my years to chess ive always loved chess since i was 12

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