Beating Magnus Carlsen With 99% Accuracy

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  1. Levy never fails to change the video title at least twice

  2. his pizza boxes look like books.. or maybe those are books that look like pizza boxes..

  3. Funny thing is Firouzja actually looks like Alcaraz

  4. I play chess since years But I never saw any accuracy calculator. Where can I Watch my accuracy? Please help

  5. “Big inflatable balloon… partner” keeping it family friendly 💪💪💪💪

  6. Yes I just had an insanely high accuracy game as 850 rated player. Played a game against Black who started with e4 and I used your scotch game educational content here on youtube (maybe its from a clip, I forgot but I do remember its one of your suggested move) and had an insane 2 brilliant moves and 94% accuracy against a 920 rated player.

    The feeling was insane because I never got 1 brilliant move, and it just so happen that I got 2 in that game. That was 2 days ago.

  7. Damn a love levy. He brings joy to my days.

  8. Does anyone know when Lazavik plays over the board this year?

  9. Levi never fails to oil up 70 year old men ❤

  10. Man said “big inflatable balloon partner” 😂

  11. marketing checkmate… Didn’t even think I wanted a sample of the dynamite course until I was challenged with “I wont tell you how to get it, if you want it you will figure it out” now suddenly I want it.

  12. That was Alireza’s grand entrance in the Kramnik list

  13. Hey Levy, your videos are the best, I'm just happy that you are making them. Just wanted to say thank you it's been an awesome year for me with your content. Also your videos are awesome to watch when i want to fall asleep! Thank you for curing my insomnia!!!😂😂😂

  14. I really want to follow you, but these spoilers ruin the viewing experience for me

  15. Day 3 of asking Levy to get a low taper fade

  16. the f6 brilliancy in game 1 …. don't tell Ben Finegold

  17. Best vid maybe ever Gotham. You are unquestionably the chess recap G.o.a.t.

  18. Can we just appreciate that Magnus lost twice in a row just so he could make a comeback😂😂😂

  19. Why is there a reset, after alireza had won the first match?

  20. This is the most contentious set of chess games I've ever seen. Insane play on both sides.

  21. Did you and Hikaru make a deal to swap title styles for this recap 😂

  22. This "luvy" guy keeps talking about this "mingus" fellow. I like this "luvy" and his "cartunt"

  23. at this point nobody cant beat Magnus, goated goated😁😁

  24. Firouzja beats Magnus, and with 99% accuracy
    Kramnik: Interesting 😈

  25. Life time ravens fan here. Just about blocked that game out of my mind, thanks for the reminder Levy!

  26. Alireza played at 99% accuracy … Kramnick would find that … "interesting"!

  27. Who is Magnus asking to when he decides which opening to play?

  28. so unpleasant to listen to this Ritalin over rant

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