Magnus v Alireza! Is Firouzja Carlsen’s Kryptonite? Find Out In Chessable Masters 2024 Grand Finals

The 2024 Chessable Masters is the first of four events preceding the Champions Chess Tour live Finals. The winner of the event pockets $30,000 and guarantees a spot at the CCT Finals. Carlsen, Vachier-Lagrave and Fedoseev have already earned spots in the Chessable Masters Division I based on their performance in 2023’s last CCT event!


The 2024 Champions Chess Tour (CCT) is’s most important event series of the year with the overall winner being crowned Tour Champion, the highest annual honor conferred by the world’s largest chess platform. New for 2024, each regular season event has had its prize pool increased from $235,000 last year to $300,000—the largest ever offered for CCT events outside the Tour Finals. The pool for the Tour Finals remains $500,000 making the total available on the Tour a cool $1.7 million. Also new for 2024, the time control for every stage will be 10+2.

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  1. Magnus won but Alireza was the better player.

  2. Howell was Magnus training partner for the 960 event coming up. Just for your info. Hence the "in-joke" in magnus interview 😊

  3. What amazing play! I think this match does great credit to both players. No doubt Magnus will become less powerful over time and others will become stronger … a lot like human beings 🙂 So much the better for the fans and the game, and no fault to the players.

  4. The hypocrisy of banning Russian flags while NATO countries have started and are in all illegal wars throut history. As I type this, America is bombing Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and sponsoring Ukraine which has sent 900K young men to be slaughtered in the border meat grinder. A war everybody involved with , knows is unwinnable becuz Russia is only protecting the border and the Russian speaking citizens. They arent invading or taking over. Chess 24 needs to stop being so disgustingly hyprocritical and let Russia be Russia.

  5. Why do a first set if it doesn't count? What's the point?

  6. Robert, you should smile more often – you have a wonderful smile 🙂

  7. I can play the guitar better than Magnus…

  8. Hmm 🙂 Ya! O kadar çemkirdin benim missler gibi London sistemi açılışıma amaa! Kazandı işte çocuk sonunda nabeer?! Allah'ın düdük makarnası senii! 🙂

  9. Uma coisa é certa e a cada entrevista de magnus sobre alireza se confirma: ele realmente gosta muito e respeita o xadrez de alireza. Não é por acaso que ele falou anteriormente em um podcast que ele acha alireza o mais prodígio de todos esses jogadores mais novos, incluindo os indianos, nordibek, etc.

  10. damm magnus again with his plot armor seriously developers should nerf his luck status

  11. Thank goodness he came from the upper bracket

  12. David is always so gay for magnus…lol

  13. We saw the most ridiculous formula in the Grand Final stage.. Who really designs these cases?!.. in all competitions in all different disciplines. The winner of the winners section must be able to defeat the winner of the losers section in order to win the final and no extra points should be given to him in advance!

  14. Magnus participates = Magnus wins.

    Is this even a question atp? Everyone should fight for the 2nd place.

  15. Terrible sound quality from especially David Howell. What is he doing with that 10$ earphones?
    Anyway, R. Hess is the only worth listening to.

  16. It's always: "XY is Magnus's kryptonite" but Magnus wins in the end.

  17. Without a doubt, Alireza was the best player of this tournament..

  18. Really bad moves for Alireza in the last one. He got too emotional and missed even the most obvious ones…

  19. Two of my favorite chess commentators! Enjoyable to watch 🙂

  20. Chess is an epic battle of minds, and in the end there is one loser and then there is magnus carlsen.

    This guy is unbelievable

  21. Hello Grandmasters.David Howell.Robert Hess..😊. kumusta?

  22. Can we please just acknowledge how hilarious all these bits are during commercial breaks xDD These chess guys have some hilarious personalities <3

  23. Where is the interview between presenter GM R. Hess and GM Carlsen at the end of the tournament. The chess community at its tipping point. Doing an interview with GM Firouzja only. GM Hess, I don't understand. 🙄🤔

  24. Yes, a lot of players are magnus's kryptonite (especially, the indian prodigies and Firouzja) until they are not 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. For me I just like a double round robin with the 1-2 finishers playing an 8 game final over two days (two 4 game sets). If they keep the current format, would be best to make the losers bracket also 4 game matches. Just my two-cents.

  26. Excellent commentary, please keep GM David Howell and GM Robert Hess around. They made very high level chess fun and understandable for weaker players like myself. Those two are an awesome team.

  27. You win more points in whole tournament, more points in the final, and end up coming second. Only in chess. (I still love it though).

  28. what is the music at the beginning, so classy love it!

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