Beginning Chess Concepts by Professor Hikaru

Hikaru teaches noobs how the horsey moves.


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  1. Ummm. How does moving a pawn from E5 to F6 capture the opponent’s pawn on F5?

  2. Very good video Hikaru, thank you very much 🙂

  3. Can someone explain to me how the take against 6:46 is a take?

  4. The opponents are thinking he's thinking hard when he doesnt move instantly. Meanwhile he's just reading chat and googling his age. I think in first game he knew what happened from the sound without looking at the board😂. Second opponent's name😂 "NextHikaruNakamuraa"

  5. Thank you Hikaru, keep the uploading the Kick streams. super insightful and hoping to get better with you just narrating.

  6. The second opponent name is NextHikaruNakamura not aware that he is playing against him.

  7. he's so good its insane, it just looks so easy

  8. The G and H are backwards in the thumbnail

    Thats the only reason i clicked on this, was to point out the obvious lol

  9. This was a cool video. I dont reslly know a lot about chess, ive just found watching yourself and magnus to be pretty entertaining. I feel like after this video i understand 2 new things that i didnt really about chess before. The importance of owning the middle of the board, and finding open lanes for your pieces when possible.

  10. Dave grohl
    I think he sounds like dave grohl !
    Even his lil pauses match daces

  11. That's interesting, what you say about how playing chess impacts your life, about making decisions etc., because I was asked a similar question. The guy asked me if it was true that I had to think about moves in advance; I said yes. He asked then if it was the same in life, then, if I knew what people were going to do, and I said, "not quite, because unlike in chess where you know how the pieces move, in life, you can't really know how people will react, or how events will unfold"…

  12. the g and h files are flipped in the photo at the beginning

  13. “I’m not gonna shit on them”

    proceeds to shit on them

  14. Since when do Americans speak “American”?
    I couldn’t care less how good you are, these videos although educational aren’t as you put for learning purposes, if they were you wouldn’t have so many adverts….just another money grabber on this platform

  15. Can someone explain the pawn take at f5. Around six minutes in? I’ve quit games because of this. I thought they were cheating somehow.

  16. At 6:48, how did he take that pawn if it’s on f5 and takes it with the e5 pawn and moves to f6. I’m confused and a new player

  17. At 6:50 how did your pawn at E5 killed is pawn at F5
    Is this some rule which i don't know

  18. WTF can someone explain me this 6:47. I did'nt know that the pawn could capture like that.

  19. Can someone explain me in time 6:57 why white pawn could eat black pawn? In the screen you could see the black was f5 but hikaru take at f6 ? Why could be? What happened?

  20. ひかるさん、どおもありがとうございます。

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