Beginning Chess Concepts by Professor Hikaru

Hikaru teaches noobs how the horsey moves.


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  1. 15.55 can someone explain why hikaru tried gifting the c7 pawn?

  2. Can somebody explain what happened at 6.52? 😐

  3. I sincerely hope that you become the world champion one day

  4. 30:16 stupid question. Isn’t this a stalemate where the white king is not in check but cannot move the king except into check?

  5. Who came here after reading F H G
    not FGH in thumbnail 😂

  6. does hikaru have autism? he sounds like rainman

  7. This is supposed to be for beginners so why all the waffle spoken at a rate of a rapid fire machine gun!? For gods sake man slow down and explain clearly!

  8. This stream taught me 3 things:1. stop learning how to cheese players and get the fundamentals down first2. chess trains our ability to make accurate decisions over and over again, which is generally a useful skill in life3. Hikaru Nakamura actually seems like a cool dude, I appreciate his vibe (especially in this Professor setting)

  9. In America you speak English by the way 😂 no such thing as speaking American 😂

  10. Please stop unnecessary talk during game

  11. Do more something like this, i really like it

  12. 6:53 the game glitches or something. He goes f5 but the pawn takes f4… WTF?!

  13. I dont understand something. At 6:45 the enemy's pawn is in f5, but Hikaru takes it with his own pawn and ends up in f6? If pawn takes pawn it ends up in the square the enemy piece was at, right??

  14. Do any chess instruction videos exist for fuckin moronic slow brains? Love the game, but some of us were gifted more physically than mentally.

    This would be like the equivalent of saying “you see that 375 lbs on the bar? You just lower it to your chest and push”.

  15. Thanks Hikaru, it was a really indepth review, and I also just wanted to say that I really appreciate your commentary.

  16. Hikaru has got such a cool personality. It gets hidden behind the lack of interest by most people so easily.

  17. He seems to have a thousand things running through his mind every second 😀

  18. what a. great hour spent watching. Youre not going a light speed when talking/teaching chess. You are playing real time so the pace is manageable for newbies. Thank you so much.

  19. This is disgusting…like chess is like the most elegant way to absolutely destroy your opponents ego

  20. 6:50 can anyone pls explain me how can he take the pawn with his pawn but not the bishop?

  21. Looking forward to the lesson where we accuse up-and-comers of cheating without any evidence, for the worst reasons, including greed and envy!

  22. Whenever he starts making arrows, I start to get scared 😰

  23. This is everything I wanted – what to play as white (king's pawn, support with knights, open bishop diagonals) and what to play as black (king's Indian then attack on queen's side). Thanks!

  24. NO CHAT, NO FUN, pls fix it hikaru editor…..

  25. Hey Hikaru, thanks for these videos. Learning a lot!
    Quick question, I was exploring on how you sack the queen in 20:55. But the engine doesn't seem to find it. Would you be able to provide some insights on how the sacking works?

  26. What did just happen at 43:56? He moved the queen to D3 PLUS moved your rook over your bishop PLUS the other opponent bishop vanished all in a single move! Sorry I'm a beginner if it's an advanced move

  27. When he plays the openings his pieces are in really good squers. when i try the same i just make a big mess and loss the game. why is that 😂

  28. You are stronger than Firuzja, your chess playing is very solid. However, in bullet chess everything may happen. Bullet chess does not show the quality of chess of the players. some people can multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers very quickly, but we never call them mathematicians! I hope that you continue your chess playing. Please do not quit! 🌺🥀🌺🥀

  29. Thank you very much!!! I struggled a bit with some strategies and this is perfect……

  30. "Where we only speak American" jeez

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