BRILLIANT Intermediate Chess!

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  1. I've been using Opera for a month and it's genuinely amazing. Haven't used their ai much yet, but it also has a tool bar page for chat gpt. It's actually really good

  2. "Almost bald" with a full head of hair 😆

  3. The best part about this video is that I just crossed 1200 yesterday.

  4. Thanks gotham,today I just defeated two strong opponents in my class ❤

  5. Why did he delete the fabi vs magnus video

  6. Hey magnus just beat 2 big player and why you not make videos, without your analysing it's so boring to see a match we are just 1000 elo players bro.

  7. Do you remember where you were when you got your first brilliant move?
    So you also don't remember that one lmao

  8. My first brilliant move was THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOK sacrifice.

  9. Hello Levy my first time commenting actually I would like to ask how to send a game to you

  10. 😮 i took this episode as personal😮

  11. Just when I was thinking how can this guy be 1k ELO, he should be at least 1500.. and that ending.. that ending deserves the whole damn video XD.

  12. Ha-haaa, I'm 915, I'm above average, just kidding I'll probably fall back to 800 in no time.

  13. I am rated 1649 and 1200 was the happiest time of my chess carrier. Nowadays, the sacrifices are stupid cuz everyone defends perfectly and wins with one point material.

  14. I hear Levi’s voice in my head when I play chess.

  15. Wow, I'm drinking a Pepsi watching this

  16. I get Brilliant moves by accident because I didn’t see that the square was defended in the first place.

    Then I never follow up on why it was brilliant in the first place.

  17. I was sitting in this chair playing some games when I first crossed 1200 elo. Didn't really feel special though, I already knew I was better than it, I just don't play a whole lot of PvP so my rating hadn't (still hasn't) properly balanced out and was (is) lagging behind somewhat. I've got like… maybe ten games PvP total?

  18. Had a coca-cola ad during PepsiBoi's game. Well played coca-cola. Well played.

  19. i saw you in the preview for the new hell’s kitchen series. don’t know if anyone else noticed, but just thought that i’d point it out.

  20. To be honest with yall I really wanna become like levy I don't want to become like magnus or hikaru coz i want to be entertaining, good at chess and should be able to teach chess to other like the way the person wants to me to

  21. As a 1200 I am so proud to be called intermediate. Now when I hang my queen on move 6, I know its not because Im bad, its because I probably saw 6 moves ahead and Im brilliant.

  22. I remember when I got 1200 it was around 1yr in social studies it was around 2:30pm and I was super happy

  23. Steven he sponsered opera and many others and now levy

  24. please stop talking ads, love the content but it is getting wrose.. Keep the good work going friend

  25. The game was so brilliant we didn't even get a "get outta here" from gotham. Damn that's brutal!

  26. just today I had a swag moment where I was losing all game down 8+ and the other guy blundered check mate in 3 it was pog

  27. He didn't say "get outta here" now I am forever stuck in a comment section

  28. Why should you never put your knight in front of your CPawn but you can put the other knight in front of your FPawn??

    Is it because of the opening or is it a general rule?

  29. I got my first briliant move during English class

  30. Whenever I hear "In this position" I know something bad is about to happen

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