Brilliant move & brilliant edit #chess #shorts

The craziest chess edit ever
#chess #shorts
Credit: piyu


  1. Bruh is not smart just move the queen to check mate him

  2. I am an eropotrian but ling long will always be a legend

  3. Top Chess be like: WTF BISHOPS CANT DO THAT!!😟

  4. I can't belive the humanity did reach a point of making chess edits, and GTA 6 still not realeased💀

  5. Here why its brilliant so if the the quenn takes its now not protecting the c5 and the black queen goes to c5 which is

  6. But the rook could have checkmated the king. HE MOVED 1 SQAURE AWAY FROM CHECKMATE. why?

  7. rook a1 in the first move isnt checkmate?

  8. football edit ✖️ chess edit ✅️

  9. The brother's mistake made him checkmate

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