WINNING A CHESS TOURNAMENT | Round 7 | Cracow International Chess

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  1. Doing poker leaving a chesstournament in the middle? Well im going over to watch Anna Cramling, Dina, Levy, AnnaMaya, Hikaru in that case, Poker sucks live online, no tactics so looooong before anything happens. Poker highlights from a 7 hours game is the only fun way to watch as a viewer. Hammer as a commentary is so good. Plan ahead and get him for the whole tournament. He i can watch and listen to however the game are going.

  2. Alex you said …“Sorry it was a gloomy day”…..before knowing what was going on with Andrea’s result. What if she would have won….the day for her would have been great. Please don’t be so selfish. Your little sister is pretty awesome in her own right. Never fun when the rabbits got the gun is it.

  3. I was really hoping for a round 8 Botez matchup but it is not to be:
    Wieczorek, Lech (1775) VS WFM Botez, Alexandra (2011)
    Mirowski, Przemysław (1729) VS Botez, Andrea (1906)

  4. Oh boy. The death of a YouTube channel right here. Unbelievable.

  5. Andrea being very mature (in her own way) about how you handle losses.

  6. Parnas Oława Scarfs this time didnt gave a luck but i wish that this scarfs will Give Sisters luck in next games

  7. Losing against an opponent 200 rated below you is brutal. She lost like 20 rating points in that game alone lol. But, Alex you shouldn’t quit

  8. I have to mention anyhow girls, its a bit rude to let the guest hosts to close the stream by themselves.
    Be more polite and make a proper closing

  9. Once a quitter, always a quitter. No mental toughness.

  10. In the end, Andrea is literally more mature, and Alexandra is the spoiled one.

  11. Tough to care about tournaments when they cut and run at the first sign of adversity.

  12. This is disappointing, Alex. You've always said you're a Chess master on a Poker "side quest".

    It certainly doesn't feel like it after today. It seems like Poker is your main quest and Chess is the side quest. The majority of your fanbase watch you for your chess, not for your poker. You should finish the tournament strong against the 1600s you belittled in your post game interview.

    Hopefully Andrea finishes strong and has bragging rights after this tournament.

  13. Hi Alexandra, after how many lost chess games will you leave the tournament next time. Please give me a good reason why I should spend my valuable time watching your games, if I can't be sure that you'll finish a tournament. Would you also have ended the tournament early, if you had won? There's something wrong with your argument after the game. Are you disappointed? No, I'm disappointed – not the fact that you lost, but that you didn't finish the tournament. Best wishes from Michael.

  14. Lmao IM David is trying so hard not to laugh at Andrea's video

  15. 837 / 5.000
    To all those who don't want to understand me: You're right – this isn't about me. My mistake – sorry. But a person will never grow if you keep telling them how great they are and how they always do everything right. Keep wrapping them in cotton wool and weakening them – I just wanted to help and give Alex my honest opinion, precisely because I like her. And by the way, what do you do in a tournament when there's a tie? You have the chance to win the tournament, but your decisive score is worse than your opponent's because one of your opponents was fed up with the tournament and dropped out early. Are you still so lenient then?
    It doesn't matter, it's fine, I could have won the tournament but one of my opponents was fed up with playing any more.
    I was just unlucky.

  16. Reminds me of when i rage delete my chess app after losing a 10-20 min rapid game. Cant imagine the feeling of 3+ hour games in a diff country.. best wishes, I'll support either way

  17. Can we please adress a very positive situation. Those 2 commentators were beyond sweet and AWESOME!! <3 ps. Why did Alex signup for a 2 week poker tournament during her chess tournament?

  18. For everyone criticizing Alexandra – give it a rest, cut her some slack and give her a break. These ladies are giving you a glimpse into their world that most people would never share – including moments where they are vulnerable, upset, sad or mad. She will make the best decision she needs to make, just like we all do. Enjoy the content from these great ladies and stop setting them to a standard higher than any of us could ever accomplish.

  19. so people can just withdraw from a tournament when its going bad?

  20. i am 1600, i feel the pain when I checkmate 2200 …

  21. Do we know if Alex withdrew from the tournament?

  22. Alexandra once said "We need to be more like roaches. Survive through the hard time; and the good time will come again.. "

    Andrea once said "We are Botez… We may lose; but we don't quit… "
    Especially for Future Grand Master candidate.

  23. Too perfectionist… goes 19-2 and wants to quit immediately cuz lost twice, craziness

  24. I think Andrea is right in that you should not go out with a loss. You should try to right the ship first and then go to poker.

  25. They both are losing to the Polish Cow 🐄 if you commenters know what i mean "tylko jedno w głowie mam koksu pięĉ gram"😂

  26. You can't just leave a tournament and withdraw because you blundered vs a lower rated player. It shouldn't even be allowed. That she considered doing that when she is a public figure who streams her games, is just really really bad. What is even worse is that she wants to play poker while encouraging her own tilting behaviour. If you play chess, you just lose rating. For poker, that's not the same. If you can't deal with losing money in poker, don't play poker. If you can't deal with losing rating, don't play chess. How does Alexandra thing all those people she beat while she won that tournament felt? Of course losing sucks. And it is mentally harder if you are a public figure and people have opinions about everything you do. If the poker and the chess clash, then she should withdraw from the poker before it starts. Going on stream immediately after the game and saying all these things is also very bad. Just say you feel really bad and down about the game you lost. Then go eat, go rest, and then make a decision.

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