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  1. Although Stefan Beukema is Belgisch , the name sounds Holland …

  2. Brilliants are so satisfying for a chess player😌

  3. My elo rating was 400 in 2023.Then I started watching Levy's contents.Alhamdulillah now my chess elo is +1000. Thanx Levy for never failing to make very very interesting contents

  4. 6:24 he knows about the pressure of driving a Lamborghini 😂

  5. What happened with Wei Yi? Levy mentions something happened when he was young and a prodigy.

  6. At this rate, levy can get any degree since Levy never Fails

  7. "This is what the kid call 'cooked'" lmao.

  8. I love your content you are the best chess youtuber around 🙂

  9. Now I actually want to rent a lamborghini…

  10. hey levy can you give us your spotify playlist that you listen to i love the same kind of music as you and i also wanna find more of it thanks!

  11. I got an ad with Gotham in it in a Gotham video

  12. Just came up with an idea for a chess vid: 200 elo bingo

    Watch 200 elo games unscripted with a card of dumb stuff 200s are prone to doing.

  13. Would love it, to see some Ding games covered here.

  14. Levy never fails to say get out of here 😂

  15. Levy helped me a lot to improve in chess

  16. Mistaking the wrong year is something I do almost every single January. :/

  17. Mosquitos are a main culprit of deadly diseases in poorer nations, so I'd argue they're right up there with famine, war and death.

  18. The way Levy says the car thing at 5:43 cracks me up xD

  19. 5:04 so he can't put bishop to e5 and when white checks with queen just take the knight at d5?

  20. At 5:45 why does Levy start sounding straight up like Heath Ledger (The Joker) from The Dark Night 😂 This is truly "Gotham Chess" 😯

  21. Anish Giri stole some pieces at that tournament.

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