Can 5 Chess Players Beat A Master?

Five casual players VS one chess master. If they win, they get $5,000. If they lose, they have to wear ridiculous costumes picked by Alexandra. They are allowed to play together and will also have a MYSTERY lifeline. Drop a like and tell us in the comments what was your favorite part in the video!
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Video production by Vendetta Studios

Directed by David Lehre

Asst. Director: Kyle Schmidt
Editing & Post Production: Zach Gelwix
Lighting design: Will Chandler
Asst. Producer: Anika Khan
Camera: AJ Outloud
MUA: Kenzie Ellingwood
Photography: Hieu Cao
Executive Assistants: Rebecca Doyle & Veela
Written by Alexandra Botez, Andrea Botez, David Lehre

00:00 Intro & Rules
00:34 Meet the players
02:28 Game starts
04:02 Mystery Lifeline
16:00 Last words

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  1. ഈജമ്പുള്ളി ദാമു 禁 says:

    Thumbnail. Makes me Dude i think i am prn hub😂

  2. am i the only one who saw her eat her boogers

  3. What with the thumbnail man??
    Botez you naughty girl!

  4. what the hell, why is whe acting like shes the Female version of Mrbeast??

  5. 1 white queen surrounded by 5 black rooks

  6. @botezlive take 5 1900-2000 and play again. The result here is obvious. My cat beats 1400 players.

  7. It's a reference to Piper Perri and 5 blacks

  8. The only smart one there is the guy with sun glasses on

  9. the psychological impact of following andrea thinking it was better 💀

  10. Look honestly the thumbnail is not right

  11. Hasta yo le ganó a la Alexa 😆😗

  12. I specially came here after seeing and showing my dirty mind!

  13. idk man that endgame was definitely winning dunno where they messed up. Surely after c3, start walking the king over and push g and h pawns?

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