I Embarrassed A Stockfish Cheater

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  1. Damn, bro learned a lot in those 3 days off, no lie. Fit a whole anime character training arc in half a well, shits wild

  2. At first I was like, this isn’t TOO crazy considering what I see people play as a 700-something elo myself, but that fucking queen sac mate is like the most cheater cheater move to ever cheater move lmao

  3. When levy says you will lose over half of your games, how many of those losses are to cheaters?

  4. I'm 900 and 2000 in puzzles. My games look like this. Half of the games I lose.

  5. Levy you should make a series where you watch games 300 – 700 elo games and trying not to rage.

  6. 25:54 loses the queen and taking 70 second doing it but takes one second taking the rook😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Why do they always name their accounts "Cheater" or "Cheater #2"? Makes it so obvious

  8. To be honest, you are not embarrassing the cheater. Give us their name. Give us their ID. They deserve to be shamed openly. I don't see the point of showing us the cheater's games if we don't know their name.

  9. now I feel like chalenging by cheating and get on your video😅

  10. The trident opening could be a thing. Make a course

  11. this guy was 760 before cheating and was literally playing 3x worse than me who just hit 700 elo

  12. Chess : promot to a queen
    Levy : helll naaah promote my book instead

  13. I swear the 500s and 600s that I play are all better than the cheater and some of the other players in the video…

  14. OK, frankly I don't see how this guy even made 700. I mean I could swear I was playing better than this guy as a 500 player.

  15. Props to the cheater not getting banned immediately after naming himself "Cheater" and playing at an incredibly high accuracy

  16. Levy I’m a 500 player, you should coach me.

  17. Hey, random video to state this on but.
    Thank you so much for your videos!! I love your energy and character, and I've become greatly interested in chess because of it.
    I started watching because I thought you sounded cool on a ludwig video, somewhere (I've no clue, random youtube chain)
    Now I'm starting my grind in chess from around 110 Elo and learning a lot!
    Thanks for making my days brighter so consistently. ♥

  18. Ngl I think this might be like a re-upload I feel like I've seen this exact chess gamed from you

  19. That car analogy was enlightening. I’m new to chess and hadn’t considered how stupid it is to make up my own openings lol

  20. “No no no. It was TO SACRIFICE THE QUeeeEeNnNNnnn”


  21. Villian arcs in a nutshell be like.

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