I Embarrassed A Stockfish Cheater

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  1. The only person that you can cheat is you because you can force yourself to believe that you are good player/2000 or even more/ and when you face someone with 1200 on actual table he will smash you easily and everyone will laughing you.

  2. I pick a random pawn and move it I think my starts are flawless.

  3. I suck at chess, but I will never stoop so low as to cheat. There's nothing to gain from it, you ruin all of the fun and reward from playing chess. Not everyone is meant to be chess god.

  4. U r the best person that makes best contents from cheaters and make money 🤑😎

  5. stop lying gotham, we know he bought your course

  6. He called his elder brother for help who turns out to be a long lost brother of Hikaru Nakamura.

  7. I like barely know chess but I know enough to understand some of this but because I only know such a small amount of it a lot of this is just going right over my head. I know how all the pieces move but actually planning out moves is hard.

  8. If they just used a computer 200 higher then their own rating id imagine it be much harder to tell and they would be able to understand what they are doing mostly.
    But in shooting games people use a aim bot with a 100% accuracy since … you know they are 100% to win

  9. Sometimes my kids play on my account. … i may want to just sign them up for their own

  10. I just saw reviews of my game and engine lines are so absurd, I could never find those in a million years

  11. The best way to avoid playing a cheater is playing under time pressure, for examples 1min-3min, no more

  12. OK, but expose nicknames my friend! its even better 🙂

  13. i don't get the point. chess is way more fun when you are bad and playing other bad players

  14. The cheater had 911 elo in the first game he showed and he was also American

  15. Cheating in online chess is prolific. I'd guess somewhere from 10-25% of games involve at least one cheater.

  16. Levy is a pawn he likes to promote

  17. I don't know why, but I love seeing cheaters getting caught. It's just so satisfying.


  19. sacrifice the queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen !!!!!!!!

  20. I absolutely love how levy shows us the most embarrassing, vile and dumb games that dude played just to piss on him

  21. I see a new category coming on the channel… Expose The Cheater.

  22. Lol so young and dumb i swear kids just wanna feel instant gratification rather than delayed gratification of working hard to understand what they’re really doing 💀

  23. I used stockfish to cheat before because no matter how much videos i watched or games i practiced against bots i always lose. Now i realised using stockfish is stupid and i can never get good at chess so i quit.

  24. When I think about what I would do I’m that situation and then levy goes “but my friends that’s not the idea” I’m going to be a 700 for a while I guess

  25. alright guys analyze this "Mytestieshurtt" guy I think he's cheating he ruined my happiness now I just can't stop losing

  26. I still say that they should let you keep playing if you get banned, but you can only play against other banned players.

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