Can 5 Chess Players Beat A Master?

Five casual players VS one chess master. If they win, they get $5,000. If they lose, they have to wear ridiculous costumes picked by Alexandra. They are allowed to play together and will also have a MYSTERY lifeline. Drop a like and tell us in the comments what was your favorite part in the video!
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Video production by Vendetta Studios

Directed by David Lehre

Asst. Director: Kyle Schmidt
Editing & Post Production: Zach Gelwix
Lighting design: Will Chandler
Asst. Producer: Anika Khan
Camera: AJ Outloud
MUA: Kenzie Ellingwood
Photography: Hieu Cao
Executive Assistants: Rebecca Doyle & Veela
Written by Alexandra Botez, Andrea Botez, David Lehre

00:00 Intro & Rules
00:34 Meet the players
02:28 Game starts
04:02 Mystery Lifeline
16:00 Last words

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  1. The thumbnail reminds me of viral meme template 😂

  2. Yea right, like they couldn't hear through those cheap Ukrainian headsets…

  3. It's fascinating the number of chess "experts" who don't know the rules of moving pieces. If you're lost, there's something called "International Rules of Chess"…😪

  4. Having no idea how there's any type of mental game when your opponent knows exactly what you are going to do. Just seems weird.

  5. My experience playing chess on the street in Bangkok, shows a master can play as many people as want to get on the other side, however, I was only able to hold them to a stalemate every time.

  6. A bunch of spoiled kids with parents that are a waste to society

  7. Why don't cats play poker in the jungle? Too many cheetahs!

  8. this is a whole different game of chess!!! how clever shes playing like 5d chess with the fact that its a bunch of dudes who play chess vs a girl whos quite attractive in a sexy red dress. they are all going to be thinking and bro-ing way differently here.

  9. Don't tell me the thumbnail looks normal

  10. the thumbnail doesn’t look like they gonna play chess

  11. I'm a 10 year old but I can beat a adult

  12. I swear I've seen this thumbnail somewhere before 🍆

  13. How cool it would be if mangnus comes out as the one to help😂

  14. Ill take things that aren't staged for 1 million. If this was so true, why is there a only woman league then

  15. Oh God, forgive me for seen this thumbnail

  16. by the thumbnail I thought the video was going to be about smtn else

  17. They could have won the game at the end lol😂

  18. I've seen that kind of title somewhere before

  19. Let me guess you come from insta or TikTok 🙂🗿

  20. youtube – make a thumbnail clickable
    her –

  21. Guilherme Contrucci | comunicador e educador says:

    parabéns, divulguei o seu vídeo aqui no Brasil para muitos apaixonado pelo Xadrez. @1328xadrez

  22. Next video will be one chess grandmaster vs 10 little kids

  23. i've seen a similar thumbnail on another video website. something that starts with a b. maybe branzini? i don't remember

  24. i think you posted this on the wrong tubesite

  25. poor andrea i hope your voice will be better 🙁

  26. Alternative title 5 normal chess player vs a monster

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