Can I Beat 5 Chess Bots In 10 Minutes?

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  1. beating 5 women in 10 mins, DO SMTH CHALLENGING NEXT TIME SIR!

  2. That last bot is OP in my opinion…it seems rated higher then 1500 elo. More like a 2000 rated player😆

  3. Having lost to Malala at least 10 times, I was heartened to see you struggling with it.

  4. I BEAT ALL IN 9 MINUTES AND 15 SECONDS the 1500 bot was easy mate in 13 so it was quick

  5. You can beat beginner bots Super easily by setting it to a one minute game and premoving an opening

  6. He beat 5 women in 12min, he even faster than my dad.

  7. Congrats Nelsi for showing us games even when he loses.
    Watching your games and hearing commentary helps me a lot .
    I am 100 rated player but I am able to beat all free bots upto 2300 by watching your videos
    My next target is Danny Rensch (2500)
    Thanks a lot Nelsi for educational videos and puzzles but pretty disappointed on challenges with Martin, anyways keep going❤️.

  8. I feel like ada would be way higher rated than 1000

  9. @14:30 look at the eval bar!! It was a truly brilliant move, stockfish missed it

  10. I am 500 elo i defeated all under half an hour

  11. Womens history mongth

    Nelson: Can I beat 5 women in 10 minutes?

  12. How this 1500 bot was for you such a big problem, I thought you'll destroy them easily, I won with it right before lesson

  13. I beat all of them in 10 minutes with 2 minutes and 27 seconds remaining

  14. Hello guys today is time of the women speedrun

  15. Mad lad… women’s history month, I’m gonna beat 5 bitches in 10 minutes lol

  16. You should apply to get be a candidate master since your 2300

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