Can I Beat Martin With Only 1 Pawn?

In this video I try to beat Martin, the lowest rated chess bot on, with JUST 1 pawn. Drop a comment if you try it out for yourself and let me know how it went!

➡️♟ PLAY MARTIN WITH 1 PAWN HERE: (you have to click change bot in bottom right)

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  1. I actually just started playing chess. This guy beats me 70% of the time. Pretty embarrassing now that I saw that video….

  2. Martin would probably still beat me in chess

  3. what the hell is chack mate fix your english mate

  4. Even a beginner would of took the pawn though, so don't think it's realistic. He is way worse than an average beginner.

  5. @2:25 missed Qh5+ to take bishop, didn’t need to hope Martin didn’t see the block

  6. Martin has a future in chess!Not a very bright future.Mostly just a lowlight reel of getting beat on YouTube

  7. This game did wonders for me. I'm better than Martin.

  8. I'm not proud to admit this, but Martin beat me when I had a full set of pieces 🙈

  9. 2:23 Imagine at this moment Martin begins to mercilessly attack with the queen and start play normal.

  10. yep, Martin is not very clever. I defeated him even with the cow opening.

  11. This bot is an insult to all the hardworking 250 elo players out there

  12. Change your theme according to your thumbnail

  13. Forgot to change the Bot. Got my pawn to h5 and was checkmated by move 7. I was impressed .. Martin must have had an upgrade ..Then I checked. I was playing Maximum 25 (rated 3200)

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