Magnus is a Gotham sub

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  1. 10/10 stare today I believe this was the best one so far as he just stared deeply into my soul incredible stare

  2. Bro no matter how many videos you make of this guy, he will never sleep with you, just move on w your life

  3. You can beat magnus Carlson with a fuzzy water bottle lol

  4. 8/10 – today’s stare was mild but still pierced through my soul

  5. I rate today's stare 8/10.
    Taking it back to the roots with a classic expressionless stare.

  6. Today's stare was phenomenal. I rate it 9 magnus carlsens out of 26 queen's gambits

  7. Btw why is today's thumbnail so low budget? 😂

  8. Today's stare was 9/10. Confrontational, magical,immaculate and looked like you were gonna kidnap my dog

  9. 7/10 stare. Felt my soul burning, but there's been better

  10. yes i love youtube there is 4 views and 128 comments

  11. You could never beat Magnus. You are horrible. You do not anything!!!

  12. As an Indian I have nothing but respect for VD!!!

  13. Yay new GothamChess video to watch while eating dinner burritos

  14. Love your content keep it up bro!!! I’m your best fan

  15. Stare was absolutely dumbfounded today majorly impressed 8/10

  16. Quite a scary stare today, really shivered my timbers

  17. Indian community is getting extremely strong, wouldn't be surprised if the next goat is from there.

  18. Nice one levy, I loved you content even tho it angers me when you played with stock fish to be mittens, but keep the content up lad. 😅

  19. Yo levy tell us why u stare into the camera u said u will at 3 mil

  20. I love the fact regardless of the content half of the gothams arsenal is Magnus Carlsen

  21. I’m actually not undefeated against Magnus he beat me at a park event he was at one day

  22. Levy is just like a fan of a boys band) “omg I lost to Magnus Carlsen”

  23. What a dam comeback; from 6.5-1.5 to 6.5-8.5

  24. My daily dose of Magnus chess, world's top and biggest YouTube channel!!

  25. Damn imagine not being undefeated against the best player in the world 😂

  26. Today’s stare was serious, staring directly into my soul

  27. love your videos keep it up big love❤

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