Can I Beat This Plane at Chess?

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  1. i slept on a plane once and that was only because I was feeling horrible and could not do anything without feeling lightheaded so I passed out.

  2. The random tennis ball got me LAUGHING

  3. I've got a 14 hr plane trip and now I know what I'm going to do.

  4. Pov: the actual plane engine at spirit airlines

  5. Funny enough, I was just on a plane this morning playing chess and pretty much lost lmfao

  6. I’d love a series like this!

  7. Air travel is no longer safe. Great. Thanks. Way to go. So, ya, why not make driving and my morning preparations even more dangerous than they already are. But, bro, you lost the 4 year old segment; of that I'm certain. In your defense, we thought it was funny. Keep popping off, you imposter.

  8. I agree with the four year old comparison. let them kids fight them kids. and yeah I would watch paint dry cause you are funny

  9. lol scared of planes they actually have a lower chance of death then driving in a car. WAY lower! gr,ow up dude!!!

  10. When playing on the plane, I was upset since it took so long to make its move

  11. Wait what??? Where is my “Get out of here?” Comment at the end??????

  12. Levi should have battled the plane, blindfolded

  13. i think some computers have a chess program that could be interesting to play against i think

  14. maybe one of those smart refrigerators have chess

  15. The plane after losing: “welp, i guess its time to 🛩💥🏢🏢”

  16. The series is a good idea, Walter. Love the random tennisball. We in children fight club know that every year matters though. It's like 25 % difference.

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