When You’re About to FORK | What Chess Players Think #1

You want me to make more Baka Mitai videos, I did.

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Baka Mitai

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  1. Coward. Continue, please.
    Few more words for the algorithm: coward.

  2. You want me to take the like button, I won't take the like button

    Is what you want me to say. I take the like button.

  3. tick deserves to be an actual chess term lol

  4. The word for attacking an opponent's woman is "garde".

  5. Proposal: rename check to ‘TOCK’.

  6. ok i guess it's our turn.

    What the F.

  7. Do NOT use any AI voice other than the usual in this channel this is cursed af. Use the same voice for both the opponents idc

  8. This completely destroys the 300 rated players mind, where there is nobody behind the other side of the screen

  9. Bruh I was waiting for you to upload today, very late upload

  10. Some powerful chess minds at play here lol

  11. If attacking the king is check, then attacking queen is Chuck… CHUCK NORRIS!!!!

  12. Love this type of video! I wish you can make more of those. This made my day.

  13. this is what most of my games look like and now I feel bad

  14. "I thought we were talking bishops" got me, keep up the good content 👍

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