Can I Beat This Plane at Chess?

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  1. Ghotam is out of his mind for doing this

  2. The twin towers been really quiet after GM plane got his title

  3. Yes, do more of playing everything with chess on it!


  5. This is a funny idea, you should do more of this.

  6. 0.13-0.19
    that's not what a normal person would do, that's what an irrationally fearful perfect would do

  7. Next: Levy plays a toaster based AI by connecting to VPN from another server xD jus kidding love ur content man .. keep it up… ❤ from india

  8. Sboniso Dlamini : Skeptical,Abstract Thinker says:

    Why doesn't levy ever play on Play Magnus. That would be fun.

  9. Yes, please, definitely make this a series

  10. 19:18: "Normally it's bad to give up a bishop for two rooks" wait what?

  11. Marshall vs the machines: Levy Rozman & Chess edition

  12. Man when the bot got the two rooks closet I though Something would happen…

  13. levi could of killed everyone on the plane if he trashed talked the bot

  14. Next week im going to chess club in secondary school woooo

  15. A Tesla with chess, huh? Some kind of Chessla, maybe?

  16. remember to never put 2 rooks side by side when playing on plane, thats like -10 points instantly

  17. "Normally it's bad to give up a bishop for 2 rooks" – Levy

  18. So no one is going to acknowledge the fact Levy can just produce tennis balls 🎾from thin air?!

  19. 3:003:05why did the tennis ball appearing out of nowhere make me laugh?

  20. Levy, as drunk as I am, that tennis ball stunt…I only like it on a meta level

  21. Remember the time when GM plane checkmated GM tower….. truly one of the moments

  22. It's not gothamchess video If it doesn't say "Now get out of here"

  23. Pretty sure I've lost to this same plane bot.

  24. I rate this vid 9/11 just because plane took 2 rooks ( i havent even watched a video)

  25. Plane in chess

    My brain : don't keep your both rooks together 💀

  26. Game 3 is the ‘Colle Zuckertort as black’, which is what I try and set up against D4, as it’s also my opening with white. So good to know it’s actually a thing 😅

  27. After lost to a 300 elo, Gotham starts playing against inanimate objects. Don't give up Levy, you can win in chess again ( u_u)/

  28. Today's stare was quite lifeless. I've never seen anything more beautiful.

  29. my firdt thought was u were gonna put the rooks next to eachother, and they would play a plane or 2

  30. Levy do you write down these games or just remember them in your head?

  31. Damn that’s hella weird how does an airplane tens of thousands of feet in the air have chess what airline is that?

  32. He's a 10 but he has 124 points on chess 😮

  33. Make it a series!!! The way narrate your moves when playing a bot fascinates me and I wanna see more of this

  34. Havent watched the video yet, pre comment, You took a flight, and the tv screen in front of you had chess as a game, you played an Ai on that system. wow that sounds sooooo cooooooool bro. will leave a follow up comment after i watch the video. or just the intro. depending how this goes

  35. Thousands of miles per hour?! Levy what kind of plane are you riding my guy 😅

  36. Yes, we need more destruction of novelty bots lol

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