Can We Ban Magnus Carlsen?

Incredible photo from Lennart Ootes:

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  1. Gremlin was right to ask, "how does the knight move?".

  2. Can anyone explain what happen in 6:05 why white pawn can take black pawn while their blocking?

  3. Alexandra, stop holding him hostage

  4. In order not to let the fire spread out, sometimes you burn a part of the forest, so the fire won't continue its journey and burn the whole thing.. So yes, sometimes the only way to fight fire is with fire..

  5. i know you're trying to make the video entertaining and all but you seriously don't need to throw in a quip after every move—you're good at talking about chess, that's what we're here for

  6. Next comment thanks mate for the brilliant content I learnt so much from this!

  7. What’s all this hostage stuff about? Someone inform me please!

  8. controlled fires can be used to limit the spread of out of control fires

  9. As a future fire fighter: do not fight fire with fire unless you want to die

  10. I usually watch this guy's videos in mute. No "cc" … just mute. Can't stand his moronic and childish commentary.

  11. bit poorly like matey? Sounding a bit low energy and under the weather, if so, then get well soonn

  12. There is controlled burning and back burning. Closest thing to ''fighting fire with fire''.

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