The Legendary PAWN VS Legendary KING & QUEEN. THE FINAL | Chess Memes

The Legendary PAWN VS Legendary KING & QUEEN. THE FINAL | Chess Memes

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  1. Okay that's the power of 2 legendary pieces fused but what about 5 legendary pieces fused

  2. Roses are red violets are blue the lendary pawn want his brothers back not just one or two

  3. So since the series didn't finish here are possible endings:
    Bad 1: The team looses and the legendary king and queen wins

    Normal 2: the team wins and no more chaos exist and the legendary pawn may become passive and not attack

    Fusion 3: the legendary pawn either fushes with his apprentice or fight the legendary queen and king with his team

    Rage 4: the legendary pawn dies and the legendary pawns apprentice gets filled with rage and kills the legendary king and queen

    Secret 5: The legendary king and queen loses there fusion and both die by the gods

    Non imaginable 6?: the legendary king and queen form a team with the legendary pawn.

    Upgrade 7?: this is not real but the legendary pawn somehow upgrades to a mythical grade threat

  4. Hm the blue energy that got sent out into the queen is like a new legendary piece. Maybe a white pawn, or I think the god pawn

  5. Oh god, i havent watch part 2.I downloaded part 1 lel

  6. Pawn:Son GokuRook:VegetaBishop:WhissQueen:BrolyKing:Beerus

  7. even tho not like anime animation is good andhave lore 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

  8. Legendary pawn calling the Queen and King scum the most badass moment of the video

  9. A really good job Madina video editors in just a really good movie

  10. Roses ared violet are blue i am a racist and i know you are too

  11. i dont think that legendary king spent thousands of years in the void more like 79

  12. The best thing I ever seen in YouTube ❤❤❤❤

  13. Roses are red violets are blue why did you stop uploading I will miss you

  14. Can you also make a new king but 10 times more powerful

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