Carlsen Can’t Stop Using This New Secret Weapon

Magnus Carlsen can’t stop using his new secret chess weapon, pawn to h4, aka THE PLOW. This epic chess game was played by Magnus Carlsen in the Titled Tuesday blitz chess tournament 7th November 2023 against Nihal Sarin.

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  1. The Plow: Everyone knows to push Harry, nothing new. This is played by many including me. It's just that we suck so no one cares, but it's a solid opening!

  2. It would see that "plow" just turns the white initiative into a black defense….sorry I just don't see the significance if someone could explain further

  3. Awesome summary m8! Your analysis vids are so good.

  4. He started doing this shit as a meme and then realized it's actually viable

  5. Magnus is such an out-of-the-box thinker: always challenging the status quo, and can honestly be said to be re-writing chess theory; absolutely thrilling to watch.

  6. it's just a 'I don't want to play as white' opening if I understand

  7. Great videos. I love your energy and the explanations.

  8. so what is the reasoning behind h4? is he just trolling

  9. nice videos, easy to follow for a casual player but plenty interesting!

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