Carlsen Can’t Stop Using This New Secret Weapon

Magnus Carlsen can’t stop using his new secret chess weapon, pawn to h4, aka THE PLOW. This epic chess game was played by Magnus Carlsen in the Titled Tuesday blitz chess tournament 7th November 2023 against Nihal Sarin.

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  1. my favorite advanced chess channel, good for improving in chess.

  2. This is also my 4rth most used move ever 😂😂😂

  3. Epic Chess always has the best game reviews!

  4. Thank you for covering recent even, auto subs ❤

  5. Lol he didn't win because of the "Plow." He won because he is Magnus. And we can see by him playing these dubious lines that he is bored to death with chess as it is. There's really nothing new and chess has been almost completely analyzed by computers.

  6. What if Nihal instead of going Rook f2 to d2 goes c2. If Magnus moves his rook King's path opens up. If he doesn't then Rook can face rook c1 and Magnus has to exchange. Pawn takes > queen. Am I missing some move?

  7. It appears that Magnus never learned the most fundamental rule of Chess: "Don't play with your food."

  8. Next Netflix movie : The plow by Magnus Carlsen

  9. It is obvious that white starting always has the initiative, an extra move of sorts… but with h4, and presuming that the rest of the opening is a fight for the center like most openings, its like white is black and starting with the pawn on h5. So, its like what would you rather play,

    White or black ?="obviously" white,

    OR white or black, but black starts with a pawn on h5..?

  10. It's almost like Magnus is spotting his opponent a move to make it more of a challenge for him.

  11. So is there a punishing sequence for black after that plow opening? I mean it still looked pretty equal the way Magnus played it, but there's got to be a better line that black can go to which gives him more of an opening advantage.

  12. Playing h4 would be absolutely unthinkable back in the old days.

  13. Love that you cover these 'plow' – games, crazy entertaining ❤

  14. As a form one student in vessigny sec school la Brea Trinidad west indies since 1971 I had perfect this opening playing 3-4 player together and beating them all .he now find it but if you look in chess master I've played it at least 3 times he should develop the game to play both rook pawns when done it's almost invincible. When next I play online I'll play the double rook pawn move and show how it's done

  15. I'm definitely hoping that name catches on. "The Plow". Awesome

  16. Magnus is such a troll. One Titled Tuesday he was playing a garbage opening in every match and one of his GM opponents resigned on move 1 and complained on social media that it so insulting that he refused to play him.

  17. Magnus opens with h4 and here, on move one, the players agreed to a draw. Well fought gentleman!

  18. Right the plow to be honest if Magnus played the spade the hoe or the shovel he’d probably still win he’s just a superior player but if anything maybe the plow is a way of him simplifying his attack he seems that type of player he comes up with better moves than his opponents thanks for the game james enjoy the rest of your day

  19. Nihal like so many opponents missed his chance to win against this crappy opening. From that point the scales were tipped. Its all purely psychological. Magnus is asserting I can play any old rubbish and still beat you.

  20. paused the video at 0:15 and i'm about to find out if nihal "found" the win

  21. It's not even a gimmick move. It basically says to black "You have white" but the problem is there can be so many transpositions that even giving black that center move opportunity first is no guarantee of a prolonged initiative.
    What would Stockfish do as black is the real question, and my bet is not a single human could navigate the complications well against the next best thing to Stockfish : Magnus himself.

  22. you got me second time with "they agreed"

  23. You're one of the best chess commentators, it's so fun to watch!

    It would be amazing if you could occasionally do realtime (like the exact time it took to make the moves) versions of these games so we can experience the stress that was involved in decisions.

    Keep them videos coming!

  24. I see we're getting plow by plow accounts, now.

  25. As a kid, I remember reading books saying 1. h4 is so bad, it could be regarded as a losing move to good play. Well here we are.

  26. Close call for the Magnus his Plow, nice to see how this develops.

  27. So there are different tactics for black and white since the asymmetry of the start. What I believe the plow opening move does is it allows one player (playing the white pieces) to simulate playing black, but with a modified starting position (in that case H7->H5, but played as white H2->H4). The other person (playing the black pieces) must then understand that they are now roughly playing the role of white which makes the opening move, just that "black" starts in a weird position. I would guess there is a fair amount of planning what type of opening and responses one would have going in to play Carlsen, but realizing that you should switch color at the start of a game is likely not in your arsenal x)

  28. Great game, we are all just mere mortals in Carlsen's world at the moment.

  29. Keep up what you're doing and this channel will explode.

  30. What did the initial move pawn h4 accomplish?

  31. Subscribed. I like the whole setup, not going through all the different possible scenarios, getting right to it

  32. The pictures of MC just staring off into the middle distance

  33. I’m increasingly facing flank openings in blitz games. It used to throw me off, but now I get excited about shredding them apart. The same with early, unsound sacrifices to expose your king. Know you’re much better and play aggressively. Getting overly defensive in these positions can give your opponent time to gain the initiative.

  34. I am shaking my head on this opening. Now, I can use, "The Cow," and "The Plow." LOL!

  35. I don’t know, guys. I think Magnus might be good at chess…

  36. I watched this game live and Magnus was so mad at himself in the early endgame. "What the F am I doing? What the F was I thinking??"15 seconds later…"I think I might be better."

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