No dinner for him

Chess is brutal. Agree?

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I am quite surprised to know that there are no arrangements for food, not even for players participating in the tournaments. Such a shame.

  2. Ya Very brutal game, I have never won a game

  3. True sagar bhai 💯💯 because when im playing and if im losing any games, i will feel for that and i will not eat anything!!

  4. The previous video I got was from this channel: chess is not lonely, what are we without a family.
    This video: chess is lonely
    Emotions changed, situations changed.

  5. Don't they serve food for the players??

  6. I've played 7 hours game all the time, but those were the days when the time control was 40 moves in 2.5 hours.

  7. I love Hari! Such a great guy and a fantastic chess player!

  8. It's not completely empty if there's still people there… I mean…

  9. Pls be vegan animals also have lifes RADHE RADHE

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