No dinner for him

Chess is brutal. Agree?

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I wanna meet your content creator personally. He deserves a rise

  2. Respect is due for the grind, but come on he isn't gonna starve 😂

  3. This shows a lot about how much chess passion might destroy someones opportunities, despite its level of uncertainty….


  4. I know Cristobal, he is a talented player without support and he needs to teach chess to make his living…yet he still loves chess.

  5. He might even dont get dinner…he might bot be interested to eat…he might even die… Oh cummon please.

  6. Samay to sagar shah: bhai aapko bas aapki ek reel bnani thi sagar bhai, Aisa nii ki udhar harikrishna ke liye kuch khaane ke liye leke khade hote waha pe 😂😂

  7. The person sitting beside them is vidit gujrati

  8. Great video and story telling…coveys the message to the core

  9. That's why I can't be a GM.

    I don't have the stamina. I only need to play a 15 minutes rapid game and will be yawning and stretching 😂😂

  10. Sagar bhai filming with his stomach full 😂😂

  11. Bro what about the other guy. He is indian that is why 😢😢😢

  12. Be it any sport…if you are competing with whole world, it's no joke! Mastering an art for a lifetime take will and courage. Moreover there are many adolescents higher rated than players in mid 40s. While still managing to make a living out of sport is a challenge! Even if possible many would not embark upon a journey full of uncertainties and challenges. That's the price you pay to be called number one someday!

  13. The next to them has Vidit Gujrathi's chair!

  14. Yes it is!! But why? maybe both of them are w/o dinner!

  15. When you realise bobby fischer was right 😢

  16. Dharma Varta धार्मिकवार्ता says:

    Should have kept some snacks. Protean bar or something.

  17. I love these kind of videos. Player's emotions after losing the chance of winning a game, Sagar's voice in the background and sombre music

  18. Yes, chess is very brutal like Mortal Kombat. It can be such joyful at a same time destroy your entire life because of losses

  19. I thought ODI cricket is tiresome but no this game is on God level when comes to tiring the players.

  20. This feeling is so rough. I’ve had games like this, not 7.5 hours, but like 3-5 hours, where I’ve tried so hard to win and play accurately the whole game and I mess up one move and draw. Happened to me recently actually. Chess, even at the expert level, is brutal.

  21. so much drama once added by Sagar shah it feels Brutal 😀 harikrishan will be without food ha hahahaha

  22. I was playing a goa chess tournament it was the 4th round i played for around 4 hours i was 1300 at that time my opponent was 1500 i ended up losing it hurt a lot i can relate so much to this it hurts…the feeling after gours of playing to just lose or draw the match seeing everybody leave while you are still struggling 😢

  23. What about the other guy he is also human. Salute to him for making 7 hours game draw.

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