Carlsen Conducts Another Symphony Of Sublime Beauty

Magnus Carlsen Conducts Another Symphony Of Sublime Beauty against Wesley So in the Speed Chess Championship (SCC) 2023.

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  1. Magnus really seems motivate in this time format. can't wait for the final vs Hikaru or MVL

  2. How does his mind work? Yes, I am talking about chess dominator Magnus Carlsen. He is doing what no human being can do: consistently playing perfect otherworldly chess moves. His focus on the game is unparalleled. Does Magnus Carlsen always keep thinking about chess? Did you know Magnus once said in an interview that he could remember 10,000 chess games that had been played in the past? He's got them on his mind. I did put him beside chess legends such as Morphy, Capablanca, Alekhine, Tal, Kasparov, and Fischer. He once said in an interview that he knew what to do immediately. Isn't that otherworldly stuff that no human grandmaster today can boast about?

  3. 7:44 could have had more fun drawing by showing that the queen defends the pawn on e5

  4. The way Carlsen is playing is just scary…

  5. I saw that match live, and Wesley early on looked disgusted, depressed. You saw he didnt know what else to try. He just wanted to end it. Magnus almost has left human chess, like an evolutionary intermediate step to machine chess😄. He just waits for small mistakes. And human opponents make mistakes. Pure domination…. Thank god, there is Hikaru who may still have a chance vs the goat….

  6. Symphony…of DE..STR..UC..TION!! Watch him become a god.

  7. Magnus us on fire right now, even by his own standards,

  8. Keep up with the great videos, your doing a pretty awesome job with these.

  9. as a musician i want to congratulate you on your music metapher. superb, sir.

  10. Crazy game! Loved it! Wesley had one chance, possibly, based on deep deep understanding that he had no time to consider, then it was all Magnus…. mind-blowing how good he is in shorter time controls 🤯🤯🤯

  11. skittles as garry would call it, aka 2400 elo chess. Human chess elo peaked a decade ago; the recent rise in short time control has ended 300 years of improving quality of human chess. 🙁

  12. Love the weirdness of modern chess!! Also sublime crescendos! 🤣👏👍🏽

  13. Wesley played almost 30 games at 90% accuracy and got totally destroyed. What chance do you have if you play at 90% and just get smashed?! 😂

  14. This is awesome, AI showing the way in the study. My first serious book was Nimzowitsch’s “Mein System”, which I studied thoroughly, but I think all old chess knowledge can be thrown away. I kind of feel homeless now, as anything seems to go, but it isn’t, and I have no clue.

  15. You're at 33.3 subs! What a job!

    So being too exploitive here, I think, with g5. That move felt AI-ish, like many moves up until then in this game, but this was the exact moment So seemed to take thinking like an AI a little too far. Something off with it. A dog's whistle to start Carlsen's classical symphony.

  16. sad thing about positional masterpieces is that 95% of us don't know the difference between game 6 and ourselves getting more space and a crushing position by playing obvious moves.

  17. Magnus is slowly taking the best player of all time titel. No doubt at all.

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