WFM Anna Cramling SCREAMS At Budget Ryan Reynolds For Hustling! WFM Anna Cramling vs Hippie Rob

Hippie Rob looks like a budget version of Ryan Reynolds but his hustle is NOT budget!
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  1. "Oh no my game", she must have learned this from someone…

  2. She’s the sweetest trash talker so it all hits so different! 😂
    ‘Hmmmmmm’ says it all lol
    Poor Wish dot calm Reynolds 😂
    Spectator pulls the ‘but I’m not a rapper’ reaction haha

  3. The sound on that slow motion edit is horrendous

  4. Gg Rob ❤ The little fish on Coffee Chess are bad ass 🎉😊

  5. This women FM can be easily crushed like bug 🪲 Carl screaming 😂🤣😩

  6. 😂😂 the man’s rizz led to a sudden mate!!

  7. She is sooooo cute and a sweetheart 💕 💗

  8. Me: Mom, can we have Ryan Reynolds?
    Mom: No, we have Ryan Reynolds at home!
    Ryan Reynolds at home:

  9. I heard the Nooooo in Australia 🇦🇺

  10. The one time where the slo-mo replay was totally appropriate.

  11. Botez gambit should have been played indeed😅

  12. This is why chess is a man's sport. Lol jk

  13. Good to know that even highly skilled players blunder

  14. Budget ryan renolds😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 you guys has a creative nick name for everybody

  15. Why call him a hustler? Simply he was stronger than Anna and won.

  16. Rob's the man. Sometimes Anna makes strong players sweat but other times she loses hard without realizing it to someone around her level and usually for simple stupid mistake.

  17. Huh? That's the kind of move that I make and I'm a beginner. I thought she was supposed to be a good player.

  18. “My mom told me that”… So annoying.. without your parents you would be a nobody..

  19. I'm not a chess guy but Coffee Chess looks like a fun scene. Anna seems like cool streamer too

  20. I don't like other people invading a game this way

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