WFM Anna Cramling SCREAMS At Budget Ryan Reynolds For Hustling! WFM Anna Cramling vs Hippie Rob

Hippie Rob looks like a budget version of Ryan Reynolds but his hustle is NOT budget!
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  1. "Oh no my game", she must have learned this from someone…

  2. She’s the sweetest trash talker so it all hits so different! 😂
    ‘Hmmmmmm’ says it all lol
    Poor Wish dot calm Reynolds 😂
    Spectator pulls the ‘but I’m not a rapper’ reaction haha

  3. The sound on that slow motion edit is horrendous

  4. Gg Rob ❤ The little fish on Coffee Chess are bad ass 🎉😊

  5. This women FM can be easily crushed like bug 🪲 Carl screaming 😂🤣😩

  6. 😂😂 the man’s rizz led to a sudden mate!!

  7. She is sooooo cute and a sweetheart 💕 💗

  8. Me: Mom, can we have Ryan Reynolds?
    Mom: No, we have Ryan Reynolds at home!
    Ryan Reynolds at home:

  9. I heard the Nooooo in Australia 🇦🇺

  10. The one time where the slo-mo replay was totally appropriate.

  11. Botez gambit should have been played indeed😅

  12. This is why chess is a man's sport. Lol jk

  13. Good to know that even highly skilled players blunder

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