Carlsen So Bored, He Now Gives Extra Pieces

Magnus Carlsen Is So Bored With Chess, He Now Gives Extra Pieces to Super Chess Grandmaster opponents such as Dimitry Andreikin. Magnus Carlsen played this epic game of chess in Titled Tuesday early event 21 November 2023. Incredible chess by world number one, Magnus Carlsen!

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  1. This vid is hilarious. But what really happened is that Maggie didn't realize he was going to lose that piece!

  2. Another great video James, I love your passion. I love how Magnus in entertaining himself and the rest of us ….. But watch out Vlad may be calling for an investigation soon. Chess has become very strange and entertaining in the last few years, I love it.

  3. Shocked i had no idea Maguns would win in your presentation or even the thumbnail! yeah i am being sarcastic……..just try showing the game with a little less going off on tangents for ages before saying Taht did not happen zzzzzzzz….and just because the computer does not like a move does not mean the computer is right!

  4. This is Carlsons best time period. He (and Hans too) doesnt care to lose, he wants to win so much he will try anything. Experience, knowledge and end gsme superiority saves the day. Bravo Magnus!

  5. Magnus should feel ashamed. If someone accused him of cheating, Hikaru would be defending Magnus to the end. Magnus should be doing the same. He owes it to the chess world.

  6. Goes to show that eval bars are overrated. Masterful game of chess bringing all the fun back to it rather than the millioneth e4e5 opening of grandmasters who know all the standard lines 24moves deep.

  7. This is insanity! The final screen also shows Magnus Carlsen winning 10 out of 11 games for a score of 10.5. He does it playing like this?

  8. This is just fantastic, wow to the moon and back. Magnus ❤ chess, that's his greatness.

  9. instead of Kg2 at 4.39 this looks so easy-Bc1 and Qa3?

  10. Alpha Zero gives up extra pieces. It seems to value space and position more.

  11. Carlen must have known he was losing virtually the whole game and is just an expert at keeping the position difficult for a 2700 GM to convert in blitz.

  12. Good Gravy what a Game! Magnus is unbelievable! Love your shout out to agadmator, too!

  13. This thumbnail is not flattering for Magnus, he looks like he is about to audition for the role of Joker in the next Batman movie.

  14. Watched this game live in Andreykin's stream. That was epic. Andreykin was completely stunned after the end of the game.

  15. I always smash the like button on your videos, and already been a subscriber for a while. But thanks for reminding me! Magnus is just out of this world, he's so far ahead.

  16. Okay you’re now my fav chess channel. These are just getting better Mr. Epic

  17. Humor

    From the book … Inside Jokes: Using Humor to Reverse-Engineer the Mind … authors Mathew M. Hurley … Daniel C. Dennett and Reginald Adams

    In April 1975, Martin Garner reported, in his Scientific American magazine column “Mathematical Games,” that a new computer chess program invented at MIT “had established, with a high degree of probability, that pawn to king’s rook 4 is a win for White.” Tragedy! If this were so, the noble game of chess would be killed for all time, no more challenging than tic-tac-toe. Even if the algorithm purportedly discovered by the program was tediously complicated, something no human chess-player could hope to memorize, the mere knowledge that there was a mindless recipe for winning any game of chess would drain all the glory, all the art, out of the contest. Who would want to devote years to honing skills, enduring grueling tournaments, hunting for exquisite strategies, all the while knowing that there was an easier way to win, a cheap trick that could not be thwarted? Nobody knows how many readers were taken in, but surely Gardner’s unwelcome news struck at least momentary dread in the hearts of some chess-lovers, before they tumbled to the date and chuckled with relief. April Fools!

  18. Magnus plays with the combination o intimidation and hope for his opponents

  19. He is almost criminally good in a bad position. Thanks James

  20. pls show these games on magnus perspective

  21. Just a heads up James, if you are mentioning Magnus in the title and for the video. Could you plz switch sides so we see it from Magnus’s perspective. Cheers

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