Fabiano Caruana wins the Sinquefield Cup #chess #caruana #sinquefieldcup

In this short, we have shown, Fabiano Caruana wins the Sinquefield Cup

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  1. Onto the candidates bro you got this!

  2. This os Fabiano's year 🤝🏽👏🏻 congratulations!! You're my favorite player

  3. You will be the next world champion and you totally deserve it. Well done Fabi 👏🏆

  4. Spectacular performance congrats to the Italian stallion fabulous FABI 💪🤓

  5. So deserving! Amazing player and great human being!

  6. He's got to make a cool face with the next one

  7. Parabéns Fabi por esse Belo torneio

  8. Fabi has been an absolute monster!!! Congratulations Fabi! And good luck with the candidates

  9. My mans is one of the most talented players of all time. I really hope he gets a chance at another World Championship 🏆

  10. he is lucky hikaru and magnus didnt played on any of them

  11. He is the world champ. Not Carlsen not Ding. Caruana is the real deal ♟️🤴🏻

  12. Fabi, don’t run out of entire luck this year, save something for candidates!!

  13. Friendly reminder that at his peak (this same tournament in 2014) he played the best chess that’s been played by any human, ever.

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